Written Letters Lead To Mysterious Locations In “Long Lost”

Rating: 3/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

The relationship between freedom and family is a shrewd one to say the least. Many people have unexplainable experiences. Especially when those experiences involve family members one has yet to meet. What if you could create your own out of body experience? Would you? “Long Lost” is a film that dives directly into that experience.

Seth is a young who has yet to meet his brother. After attending college at NYU, Seth has a chance to meet the brother he once thought was lost. His brother is wealthy and lives the life of the extraordinary rich. His brother Richard lives with his girlfriend Abby and Seth meets them both after receiving a mysterious letter. This is where the film begins the thrills.

Overall I thought this film was good. Personally the suspense was a lot for me at times. However, the plot twist towards the end of the film made it all worth wild. Suspense audiences will find this film enjoyable. It definitely deserves a place in today’s current film landscape.

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