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Lil Nas X Used To Be A Nicki Minaj Stan? Lil Nas Responds

Written by on 3 May 2019

Lil Nas X is one of music’s biggest new artist of the moment. His smash single “Old Town Road” became a hit after going viral.

The single would then go on to dominate the Billboard charts after it was removed from the Country music charts. The record was taken down because of its Hip-Hop influence much to the dismay of many.

“Old Town Road” was later remixed to include Country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus. The updated version has since dominated music charts making Lil Nas X a household name.

Now rumors are circulating on social media and they have fans going crazy. Rumors state that Lil Nas X once went by the name NasMaraj and is a Nicki Minaj super fan.

More rumors state the upcoming musician is actually gay and his LGBTQ fans are calling for Lil Nas X to accept his sexuality and come out the closet. The fans think he could help their community more now that he is a big music star.

Lil Nas X would later respond to fans who have been calling them out for blocking them on Twitter.

“i’m not blocking anymore i wanna make sure y’all see me win after all your failed attempts.,” said Lil Nas X.

Wow! The music industry in 2019 is a wild place. Check out some of the things fans are saying about the issue.

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