Justice Smith Thrills As “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” Brings Your Childhood Into Reality!

The love for family can lead a person down path’s once discontinued. What will you do to find out what happened to a loved one? Would you return to your hometown? Would you interact with those you once distanced yourself from? Would you solve the mystery of a lifetime? “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” is a film that answers all of those questions.

Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) is an insurance salesman. After the death of his mom, Tim gave up Pokemon training. However, his father Harry, a detective would go missing after working on a case. Tim returns home to Ryme City and meets his dad’s Pokemon partner Pikachu. Together, Tim and Pikachu begin trying to learn more about Harry’s disappearance.

This movie is easily one that’s enjoyable for the entire family. It has segments for both parents and children alike. I think this film is one everyone in a home can enjoy together. Especially once the Pokemon’s come out to play. Overall I enjoyed this film. “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” brings your childhood into reality!


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