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2019: A Weird Year, But Donald Glover’s Success Has Been A Welcomed Surprise

Written by on 24 May 2019

by Richard Caldwell

I really feel like missles are going to hit the U.S. any day now. The air in America just feels weird. We’re almost 6 months deep into the year 2019 and it feels like nothing has been awarded to us, but trauma. Like seriously everything feels wack with all the shootings, beatings, robberies and murders on the news daily and the constant social media pushes for content dominance on the daily. The positivity has been sucked out of everything this year. Especially when we speak on entertainment and phenomenal entertainers.

This year we lost Nipsey Hussle. Nip was an extraordinary man and should be remembered as one. His death was not a highlight, but the celebration of his life was and we’ll continue to celebrate his legacy. However, what else do we have to celebrate in 2019. The list is thin people. There’s not much on it. Me personally, I choose to celebrate the achievements of Donald Glover.

Donald delivered a Grammy dominating album for this years ceremony. He provided stellar performances at this years Coachella festival. Don dealt with his own personal traumas this year. However, he still delivered the wonderful film “Guava Island” to us. A film that saw him star alongside Rihanna. A film that I also have nothing but praise for.
Thos praises are what led me to offer my props to Mr. Glover for coming through for us this year. Thank you for your incredible vision and providing the kind of content that we need to remain entertained on a daily basis. I thank for your sacrifices and hopefully others will as well as we continue to make it through this weird season. Thank you!

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