The Hustle Continues As Black And Blue Return To The Streets In “I Got The Hook Up 2”

Rating: 4/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Struggle builds character and confidence comes with hardship. Being an entrepreneur is hard and building a business can be an even tougher situation. However, anything can be done if the individual believes in their endeavors. “I Got The Hook Up 2” is a film full of lessons about making something out of nothing. Anything can be accomplished with the right amount of focus.

“I Got The Hook Up 2” is a return to streets for Black and Blue. The adventure begins when Blue starts experiencing some problems in his love life. Problems that only a man can understand. From there the comedic journey intensifies as Black tries to help Blue solve his problems. However, that isn’t the only problem. Black and Blue also battle to keep their shop open in a neighborhood that’s changing by the day.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. It’s a movie that both young adults and adults can equally enjoy. “I Got The Hook Up 2” is a film full of laughs. It picks up where the previous film left off in perfect fashion. Every community needs a hero and Black and Blue are here to save theirs.

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