Karma, Judgement And Decisions Run The Streets In “Out Of Bounds”

Rating: 4.5/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Karma is an universal response to life’s interactions amongst energies. Things can get confusing after one person presents negative energy to someone with positive energy. That confusion can lead to one energy source taking power into their own hands. This based off the reactionary energy of the confused power. “Out of Bounds” is a film that touches on karma and its many affects.

“Out of Bounds” follows the story of Travis. Travis is an 18 year old Memphis, TN resident. A basketball star in his own right, things get sticky for Travis throughout the film. This after his brother Rico is incarcerated. Travis must then decide between turning to a life of crime to save his brother or continuing on his path to basketball stardom.

The film is about consequences and decisions. Rico, Travis’s brother, turned to a life of crime after their father died. Travis himself began to get deep into the streets after finding out his girlfriend Naomi was pregnant and the colleges he applied to reached their scholarship quota. Overall I enjoyed this film and believe it is one worth watching for teenagers who may be facing a difficult time in their life. Karma is universal, real and you shouldn’t be surprised if you receive the same energy you put out into the world.

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