Demons Take Over Scenic Wonderland As They Show Their Ugly Face In “Occurrence At Mills Creek”

Rating: 3/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

A scenic environment can be one of the best a person can wish for. The daily beauty of the landscape can provide an unimaginable peace. Serenity and subsistence can battle internally inside a person forcing their inner demons to summon their presence. Suddenly, a beautiful, scenic environment has been transformed into the devils playground. “An Occurrence at Mills Creek” is a film that uses discretion to reveal horror.

A loving family says their last good bye’s in this film. However, everything isn’t what it seems. This becomes evident as tales of the past are replayed to reveal heinous acts. Acts that aren’t made apparent in the present, but form a trail leading to the current moments. “An Occurrence at Mills Creek” is a film showcasing how the love a person shows to world can be hidden behind their true evil personas.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. This due to my thoughts of the creative storylines and the films overall intention. I think a big lesson in trust can be learned from watching this film. That lesson being “everything isn’t what you think it is. That lesson couldn’t be any truer as love can easily mask envy and jealousy. One must be careful of the company they keep. You never know the true intentions of a person until it’s too late to challenge them.

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