Learn More About Rudy Ray Moore With “The Legend Of Dolemite” #DolemiteIsMyName

Rudy Ray Moore thrilled audiences with his performances as “Dolemite!” So much, that Netflix recently released a film biopic about his life titled, “Dolemite Is My Name.”

Moore, previously a stand-up comedian, had used monies from his self-produced, self-distributed X-Rated comedy albums to fund his entry into feature films.

“Dolemite,” directed by D’Urville Martin, and released in 1975, fixes on a wrongly jailed man (Rudy Ray Moore) with his friend, the madame Queen Bee (Lady Reed) and his all-girl army of kung-fu fighters as they seek vengeance on rival Willie Green (D’Urville Martin) and the crooked cops who framed him.

Dolemite struck a chord with African American audiences in the climate of the early ‘70s, and became an overnight must-see hit. As Moore put it in a 1993 interview, “instead of us being kicked in the a**, we were kicking THEM in the a**”. Unlike studio-made ‘blaxploitation’ films like “Shaft” and “The Mack,” Moore’s “Dolemite”was a true independent, resonating with the clear voice of a pioneer in black filmmaking.

Learn more about Moore’s life by watching this documentary from Xenon Pictures titled “The Legend of Dolemite.” Watch the full documentary below.

LegendofDolemite480x720i-H264 from Xenon Pictures on Vimeo.

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