Find Out Why Slabs And Swangas Are Houston Hip-Hop Trophies

Many major cities across the states boast rich & distinct car scenes, which often focus on a certain aesthetic style, or the raw automotive power fueling an array of high octane tricks & stunts. Houston’s car scene dabbles in a bit of both, but down in H-town, the true focus isn’t under the hood, but in the subwoofers of the city’s “slabs.”

Said to be an acronym for “slow, loud, & bangin’” Slabs are the vehicular manifestation of Houston’s hip hop culture – one that’s had a major ripple effect on the rap scene nationwide. Custom-made to bump the city’s “chopped & screwed” tracks, these kandy-painted cars are uniquely ingrained into our pop culture, and are highly coveted among many locals.

In this episode of High Octane, Vice goes down to Texas to explore both the cultural contributions of slabs as well as its clout-driven underworld. Watch the full video below.

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