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Jimmy Villa Premieres New Music And Visual For “Sinceramente”

Written by on 15 May 2020

“Sinceramente” is the latest record from Jimmy Villa. Jimmy is a charismatic musician making waves.

The music visual is as sensual as it is entertaining. Watch the full music video and learn more about Jimmy Villa below.

About Jimmy Villa

Jimmy Villa is the hardest working artist with a wave of excitement that is building stronger and higher.

Jimmy has taken on many forms in his musical career and has been nicknamed “the musical chameleon”. His latest reincarnation is proving to be his best as he embraces his Mexican culture and takes a risk by singing in Spanish only.

His first single as a solo artist (“Sinceramente”) comes at a time in his life where the challenges have been the toughest and the pressure to succeed is the highest. Yet he has embraced the pain of his life and expressed it in his music.

“Sinceramente” is a true story of heartbreak, sadness, and darkness, yet with a desire to find a light. The song has already found its home in several people’s hearts because of the honesty, the catchy melodies, and the passionate delivery in Jimmy’s voice.

After touring many years in Texas with success, Jimmy’s decision to move to Los Angeles in 2014 proved to be life shattering and life changing. Because of Jimmy’s unrelenting spirit, he has been able to grow immensely while taking each setback and converting it into a useful tool.

The evolution of Jimmy in Los Angeles led him to sell out clubs (The Whisky A Go Go, The Viper Room, The Study, Sofitel Beverly Hills, and State Social House), collaborate with many songwriters, write for several artists, record under many genres (country, rock, pop, R&B, Latin, and alternative), accumulate thousands of views on YouTube with music videos, and receive praise via publications around the world.

After writing in several genre styles for other projects and artists that never amounted to the success he was seeking, in 2018 he created his own rock band called The Lipstix. Even though he gained momentum quickly (releasing three projects in less than a year), he realized the true purpose of this rock band was to lead him to his best work to date.

His Spanish music is creating a major buzz in an audience that normally would not listen or pay attention.

Jimmy’s passion is unmatched, his work ethic is unworldly, and his vision is clear. His goal is to be a light to this world by shining through his amazing songwriting abilities, his intoxicating live performances, and a spirit that is graced by God.

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