AngelList Celebrates 10 Years Of Connecting Companies With Investors

AngelList was founded on a simple premise; serve the founder. Founders need help with three problems: fundraising, hiring, and finding customers. Over the past decade, AngelList brought together three distinct businesses to pursue each problem: AngelList Venture for fundraising, AngelList Talent for hiring, and Product Hunt for finding customers.

Today, ten years later, AngelList Venture is enjoying its own founding moment. They originally started by building software that makes it easy to set up syndicates and venture funds. Their software reduces friction and costs by a factor of ten: you tap a button, you get a syndicate or venture fund. This enabled more people, founders and operators to become venture investors. For startups, this grew the pool of venture investors they could raise from.

They later launched the ability for angel investors to discover and invest in these syndicates and funds. As a venture investor, you can now tap a button and raise even more capital. For startups, this grew the size of checks coming from venture investors for new companies. Today, we help celebrate AngelList and toast to the next 10 years.

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