First Movie Theater To Re-Open In LA Amidst Covid-19-6/19 – Arena Cinelounge Sunset

Arena Cinelounge Sunset, Hollywood’s acclaimed home for arthouse, genre, and independent cinema, is proud to be the first physical movie theater in Los Angeles to re-open on Friday, June 19, 2020 with special engagements of classic BAFTA and Independent Spirit Award winner The Unbearable Lightness of Being and the 2020 festival winner Babyteeth starring Ben Mendelsohn.

Arena Cinelounge is re-opening to the public in full compliance with public health protocols, taking important safety precautions such as a new air purification system, seat disinfecting between screenings, socially distanced seating and concessions specially packaged for contactless delivery. Owner Christian Meoli has taken his indie theater business one step further by creating distinctive gourmet popcorn in 9 flavors – each dedicated to the true cinephile including Natural Corn Killers, APOPalypse Now, Popcorn of the Living Dead and Once Upon a Time in Popcorn.

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