Jay Pharoah Follows His Dreams As He Stars Alongside Katt Williams, Keke Palmer And DC Youngfly In “2 Minutes Of Fame”

Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 4/5

What would you do to become the next big star? How far are you willing to go? What motivates you to follow your dreams? Is it friends, family or the love of the art? All these questions are answered in Liongates and Laugh Out Loud’s latest film “2 Minutes of Fame”.

Jay Pharoah, Katt Williams and Deon Cole are amazing in this film. The laughs are plenty as the storyline builds itself. This film is a battle of two comedic giants. Showing the life disparities between up and coming social media talents and established industry stars. This film also features Keke Palmer, Jess Hilarious and DC Youngfly.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. The acting is good, but the comedic timing is flawless. It’s hard for viewers not to enjoy the entertainment provided throughout this film. “2 Minutes of Fame” is a story meant to be told in 2020. Feel free to give it a watch with your friends and family.

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