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Annalie Prime Releases New Music, New Single “Lee M’Alone”

After a two year hiatus from music, Trinidad’s raspy-candied voice is back to deliver her side of the story in “Lee M’Alone.” The single which is the first from her upcoming album I Think Too Much, is a blend of boom bap hip hop , energetic lyrics and a brassy blend of harmonies. The phrase Lee M’Alone is a sort of patois used in Trinidad and Tobago to say leave me alone.

She explains, “Lee M’Alone is a compilation of thoughts, feelings and experiences I had during my time off. This record was a strange experience to create; truly. I didn’t want to seem like I hated when people checked up on me because at first listen that’s what it sounds like. But on a second listen, if you get that far, it’s just a cry for mental health days. Sometimes, I just get tired. With this track, I want to help raise awareness around mental health in black and Caribbean communities where it is often seen as evil spirits or “not real”. I am now a stone cold advocate for walking away or taking a break from people or situations that don’t serve you anymore or that are just straight up toxic.”

Listen to the full single below.

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