CNBC’s “Make It” Talks How This Entrepreneur Built KIND Into A Multibillion-Dollar Business

What does it take to transform an idea into a multibillion-dollar business? It starts with passion, perseverance, and most of all—kindness. Daniel Lubetzky has always believed that businesses are a vessel for social change and that each entrepreneur pursing their vision has a higher purpose to bring people together.

Born in Mexico, Lubetzky was raised in a Jewish family. His father was a Holocaust survivor and taught Daniel the value of being kind to others, which served as a large part in his father’s survival.

Daniel made it his life’s mission to spread peace and kindness. He grew up believing he would devote his life to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict and launched a food business to bring people together that subsequently led to KIND Snacks— a brand that is emblematic of doing something kind for your body and takes pride in transparency by using ingredients you can see and pronounce. Today, Daniel’s vision is thriving and has turned into a multi-billion dollar endeavor. Find out more on this episode of “Make It.”

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