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“Judas And The Black Messiah,” My Film Review

Written by on 14 Feb 2021

Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 5/5

I normally don’t get to the central point of the story when doing my film reviews, but this one is different. Why? Because the story of Fred Hampton is different. Its a story particularly close to the hearts of young African American males because of Hampton’s age of death. It’s something that isn’t brought up until the end of the film. This film tells the tale of two men. One operating for the betterment of people and one ultimately working to stop it. However, both of their stories are one and the same.

William O’Neal was a Black man looking to find his way. The same as Hampton was doing. Fred on the other hand was further down his path than Bill. Both men were offered choices, which lead to their fates. Two deaths that both occurred prematurely and not naturally. Hampton’s fate lead to assassination at an early age. O’Neal’s fate lead to suicide at an older age. However, both shared the fate that their oppressed upbringings allowed.

O’Neal and Hampton’s stories are both equally important. They’re two sides of a coin. Both presenting different choices, but equally worth the same value. The film ends with O’Neal’s demise the day his interview was aired. A fitting end to a tale equivalent of that of Jesus and Judas. The love is criminal, but the effects are everlasting.

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