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Donny’s Bar Mitzvah Celebrates With A First-Class Cast

Written by on 4 Mar 2021

Sex, drugs, and a dysfunctional family create the perfect storm for Donny Drucker’s Bar Mitzvah. We are catapulted back in time to the year 1998 as we follow a colorful array of characters from the perspective of a hired videographer.

Donny tries to enjoy the evening while juggling his crazy mother, his teenage angst, and his new girlfriend, Handjob Hannah. Meanwhile Gerald, the MC of the party, is on a mission to stop the notorious party pooper Val Dho who is attempting to ruin the party. All that, plus: scandalous affairs, love triangles, spin the bottle, and a man with ranch dressing for hands.

But as per tradition, all must be resolved before the big song at the end of the night. Watch the full Donny’s Bar Mitzvah trailer below.

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