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From Radio To TV, Junior K Is The New Face Of Tempo’s Countdown Series

Written by on 28 Jun 2021

Hosting a television series is nothing new to Junior K who was one of the youngest media personalities to host his own show “College Mania TV” several years ago.

Fast forward to August 2020, and he is hosting Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown which will celebrate 15 years of being on air in November 2021, and is currently the longest running show on the regional network.

Junior K, real name, Junior Brown, said the gig was one of his greatest achievements amidst the covid-19 pandemic, and he believed his focus would not have shifted if it wasn’t for the downtime experienced during the Covid restrictions.

He said he’s grateful for the opportunity to host the show as it has provided opportunities for him to grow his brand in ways he may have overlooked.

“Through that (Tempo), it created a lot of other avenues for me to expand my regional reach in terms of networking and the circle of people I meet, simply because the brand of Tempo still happens to have a lot of weight.”

Prior to Tempo, Brown decided to complete a series that captures the essence of persons affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Called “Riding the Wave”, the show features interviews with prominent celebrities to determine how they were dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic in the absence of live shows and performances, which would have affected their cash flow.

Although he could no longer be heard on Boom 94.1 since he took a short hiatus from the radio industry, he said he will return soon.

“I’m kind of missing it but the time off air is allowing me to figure out what’s missing on radio so that my approach will be different when I return. Sometimes you have to come out to see what’s missing. I plan to return very soon.”

However, he says things in the corporate world have been great because of the relationships he’s created through the tv shows, and his access to a wide range of advertisers. Additionally, the downtime has enabled him to spend a lot of time with family, and he’s even adjusted his prayer life.

“I have been good. I think my approach to spirituality in terms of how I pray and what I pray for, all those things increased drastically, but I’m just doing well, doing good, can’t complain. I developed new habits- I listen to two audio books per week when in the car to keep the brain flowing.”

While he shied away from giving us any more information about his new projects, he said there are a few investments and business deals that should reap great rewards.

Watch new episodes of Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown on Thursdays – 7PM – 8PM & daily re-runs 11am & 7pm daily!

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Written by: Kimberly de Souza

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