VICE’s “My Life Online” Chronicles Making $1.5M/Month On OnlyFans And Twitch With Amouranth

In this episode of My Life Online, VICE dives into the life of Amouranth. She’s one of the most-watched women on Twitch, who rakes in 1.5 Million Dollars a month.

Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, spent 60% of the last 5 years (that’s 1055 days) live streaming. She often live streams for 14 hrs straight. This includes gaming, dancing, talking to fans, licking microphones and even sleeping.

Because her content is considered to be sexually risque, she often gets trolled, swatted & banned, but she does her best not to listen to the haters and works tirelessly on her media empire. Every minute she spends online gets her closer to her ultimate goal of building an animal sanctuary, but she struggles with chronic fatigue, overall deteriorating mental health, and perpetual loneliness. Is it worth it?

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