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Kevin Dillion Stars Alongside Bruce Willis In Crime-Thriller, “A Day To Die”

Written by on 7 Mar 2022

Review by Richard Caldwell

Rating: 3/5

What would you do if you were left with no choice? Would you sacrifice? Would you make amends? Would you try to justify your actions? Would you do nothing at all? “A Day To Die” is a film that asks each of those questions.

Kevin Dillion stars as a man forced into a corner. This Wes Miller film is a crime thriller. The backdrop is urban and the story is intense. Would you sacrifice yourself for a loved one of would you hope for the best?

Bruce Willis and Leon also star in this film. Former NFL player Vernon Davis has a feature role as well. “A Day To Die” was filmed in Jackson, Mississippi. Audiences will be surprised by the scripts storytelling. “A Day To Die” is a compelling film with a firm grasp on drama. “A Day To Die” was released on March 4, 2022 and is currently available for streaming.

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