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The Sound of Scars Documentary Takes Unflinching Look At Alt-Metal
Band Life, Available Now On Cable, VOD, And Digital HD Across North America


Echoing the band’s sentiments, The “Sound of Scars” has been acclaimed by critics for its unvarnished look at their triumphs and defeats. Loudwire enthused: “The bond of friendship is deeper than any wound, physical or mental, and for Life of Agony, The Sound of Scars is proof that these wounds are not just reminders of a painful past, but ultimately a sign that healing is possible, too.”

The story of three lifelong friends who overcame domestic violence, substance abuse and depression to form Life of Agony, one of the most influential bands in its genre, led by the very first openly transgender singer. Through the success of their groundbreaking 1993 debut “River Runs Red”, hailed by Rolling Stone as “One of the Greatest Metal Albums of All Time”, they channeled their cumulative life stories into a soundtrack for a broken generation. This newfound fame allowed them to suppress the tragedies of their past, but in its wake new obstacles arose.

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