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Things Get Real In Season Two Of “Trap House Atlanta”

Life has its ups and downs, but your life is ultimately determined by how you deal with the obstacles. The inner city can be a rough place to grow up.

Nights are long and the days are even longer, but the hustle never sleeps. That’s why we take risk and prosper.

Trap House: Atlanta is a web series written and produced by Decatur Redd. Watch the full first episode of season 2 below:

Warner Records Releases New Music Video For ONR’s “Sober” Featuring Carina Jade


Warner Records is one of the premier music companies. Recently they released a new music video from one of their acts.

Their name is ONR and they’re back with a new record. It’s titled “Sober”.

The record features Carina Jade. Watch the full video below.

WarnerMedia Expands YouTube TV Distribution Deal To Include HBO, Cinemax, And HBO Max

Photographed by Claire Benoist; Styling: Alma Melendez

WarnerMedia and YouTubeTv have partnered in a new venture. A deal that will see some of companies networks continue to broadcast on the platform.

Networks include TBS, TNT, truTV, CNN, HLN, Turner Classic Movies, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. YouTube has offered those networks since 2018.

However, 2020 will see the inclusion of more networks under the new deal. Those networks include HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max.

Warner Music Group’s IPO Confirms Wall Street Interest


Warner Music Group recently tested it’s strength as a public company. This after announcing its first public offering on Feb.6, 2020.

The offering came 6 weeks after a competitor announced their Tencent deal. That competitor being Universal Music Group.

UMG would be valued at $23.5 billion by Goldman Sachs in August 2017. Universal’s Tencent deal would provide the inspiration for Warner to explore their options.

Shaq AKA The Big Diesel Joins Q And D On The Players’ Tribune “Knuckleheads” Season 3 Episode 1

The Big Diesel starts off Season 3 of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles in a way only Shaq can do. The fellas sit down with one of the most dominant players in NBA history, describing what it was like when they were in L.A. as young boys and the Lakers, led by the Big Fella, were in the midst of their three-peat.

Shaq then expounds on his high school journey, recalls the first backboard he broke and explains why his father was such a huge influence on him. He also touches on his time at LSU and how he came up with some early Shaq marketing plans while in Baton Rouge.

Then the Big Diesel shifts gears to describe his draft process, why he didn’t work out for any teams and how he knew he was going top three. The discussion then turns to the Magic years, with Shaq rehashing a hilarious story about the first time he met Penny Hardaway.

From there, it’s back to Los Angeles and life during the Lakers three-peat, with the conversation touching on Shaq and Kobe’s status as the greatest big-little duo of all time. Then Shaq gets into how, when trade rumors began to swirl, he ensured that he would go to Miami — and why he approached his relationship with D-Wade differently than he did his relationships with Penny and Kobe.

The discussion then moves on from basketball, as Shaq talks about his kids, and discusses the process Shareef had to go through with his surgery this past year. Finally, the trio digs deep into the renaissance man that is Shaq — assessing his movies, how he got into the rap game, and why one day he knows he’ll be a county sheriff.

The Big Diesel dominates everything he does, period. Watch the full video below.

Lil’ Zane Reflects On His 2000s Rap Stardom And How His Label Sabotaged His Career On #FindingBET

Rapper Lil’ Zane was at the height of his career in the early 2000s. This after getting his first record deal at the age of 10 years old.

From then on, Lil ‘Zane’s career was in the hands of the music industry. That he believed made bad business decisions that ultimately sabotaged his career.

Now, he reflects on rap stardom and how he bounced back. Watch his full #FindingBET episode below.