Amy Poehler Says She Is Ready For A ‘Parks and Rec’ Reunion

Amy Poehler is one of televisions funniest actresses. Known for her quirky roles, Poehler is often remembered for her stint on “Parks and Recreation.”

The series was broadcast on NBC and Poehler won a Golden Globe in 2014 for Best Actress. Now Poehler is saying she’s ready for a reunion.

“I am technically available,” said Poehler on Monday at Smart Girls’ 10th anniversary celebration dinner. I think we could all agree that we would love to see this reunion!


@AllDefDigital Talks The Best Italian Food In “Great Taste”

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The All Def Digital crew link up again for another episode of “Great Taste”. This week we see the squADD discuss their favorite Italian foodd.

Which dish is the best? What makes it your personal favorite?

Join the discussion by watching the latest episode of this All Def Digital series. Watch the full episode now below:

The Laughs Continue To Flow In A New Episode Of @AllDefDigital’s “Bad News”

The All Def Digital cast return to the laughs only to deliver bad news. The latest face off is between comedians Doboy and Tony Baker.

Who is the funniest? Who can deliver the worst news? There’s only one way to find out and that by watching the latest episode of Bad News.

Bad News is a competition where two comedians battle for laughs and to see who can deliver the worst news. Watch the full episode of All Def Digital’s Bad News below:

@AllDefDigital Brings The Laughs In This Week’s New Episode Of “Dad Jokes”


All Def Digital is back with another new episode of “Dad Jokes”. This time it’s Squad vs Squad going up against each other.

In this Halloween themed edition of Dad Jokes the Squad’s face off. They join in battle telling jokes against each other.

The first one to laugh loses and the team with the most points wins. Watch the full episode below: