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Prepare To Laugh Watching Comedy Central Stand-up Presents Jo Firestone

Jo Firestone is thrilling in her Comedy Central special. The network recently uploaded the full special of Jo.

Hear Jo as she explains why sitting still is the apogee of the human experience. She also offers ideas for dirty talk and suggests a small joke to share with a cab driver.

Listen to her new podcast, Everyday Decisions with Jo Firestone:…

Watch the full special below.

All Def Talks Their Favorite Wing Flavors In This Episode Of “Great Taste”

The All Def crew link up again for another episode of “Great Taste”. This week we see the squADD discuss their favorite wing flavors .

Which flavor is your favorite? What kind of wings do you like?

Join the discussion by watching the latest episode of this All Def Digital series. Watch the full episode now below.

From The Producers Of “How I Met Your Mother” Comes The Adventure-Comedy “Gold Dust,” This April

Dancing assassins, opera in uncharted canyons, armed children on dirt bikes, mines, hostages and mirages all form the wild whirlwind called Gold Dust.
A rollicking western adventure for the whole family, Gold Dust arrives on DVD and Digital this April from High Octane Pictures.

The film features music from Grammy Winning artist Cage The Elephant.

Written and directed by David Wall, and starring David Wall, Darin Brooks (“The Bold & The Beautiful”), Chris Romano (“How I Met Your Mother”), David Wysocki (“The Young and The Restless”), Derek Severson and Garrett Marchbank.

Classical music. Thundering opera. Rattlesnakes and precious gems. Mansions and gold mines. Friendship and despair. Treasure beyond imagination that vanishes in the desert wind. In the desert there is no limit to the adventures at hand!

Gold Dust on DVD and Digital April 7.

Ukrainian Romantic Comedy “Just Sex, Nothing Personal” Now Available On iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, VUDU, DIRECTV, Vimeo On Demand, YouTube Movies And INDEMAND

Ukrainian romantic comedy “Just Sex, Nothing Personal” is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, VUDU, DIRECTV, VImeo on Demand, YouTube Movies and INDEMAND. INDEMAND has 200 North American TV operators, with a reach of over 60 million homes and includes Comcast, Time Warner, Spectrum Cable, Cox Cable, Charter Communications, and Brighthouse Networks.

From director Olga Ryashina, and starring Roman Lutskiy, Angelika Nikolaeva, Natalya Mazur, Sergey Pritula, and Andrey Danilko, the Artist Rights Distribution release received a theatrical release late last year.

When a sweet, unassuming gentleman proposes marriage to his girlfriend and she responds by telling him that he’s not good enough in bed, his world almost falls apart. Broken-hearted, Serhiy makes a bold decision to Prague to spend New Year’s Eve with his wild friend, Vasyl, to learn from the best. After a night of failures in a strip club he accidentally meets a sympathetic stripper who promises to help him to become a superhero in the bedroom. However, his ex-girlfriend stands in the path to his new life.

Life On A Budget! “She Cooks Lasagna In The Dishwasher!,” Find Out Why With TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates

Life can become difficult at times. Those are the times when budgeting is important.

However, this is a difference between budgeting and being an extreme cheapskate. TLC’s “Extreme Cheapskates” is a series that examines this growing trend.

In a recent episode, Stephanie’s cheap behavior embarrasses her boyfriend, Patrick, who thinks they have plenty of money to spend. Watch the full episode below.

Doja Cat Explains ‘Juicy’ To A Classical Music Expert, Classical Kyle

After the release of her latest album ‘Hot Pink’, rapper Doja Cat has become one of the most talked-about rappers in the game. Naturally she had to sit down and explain her viral hit ‘Juicy’ with Classical Music Expert Kyle Macdonald.

As soon as he found out ‘Juicy’ was about butts, the awkwardness began. However, it didn’t stop there.

After discussing Doja’s “cat”, Kyle got a little lesson in twerking from the rising Hip Hop star and even found out the correct way to call his wife a “shnaaaaack”. Watch the full episode below.