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It’s estimated thousands of Africans were among more than five million refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This as they tried to escape the carnage, many Africans were treated like second class citizens. Reports of discrimination at Ukraine’s western borders were widespread with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees acknowledging racist treatment. BBC Africa […]

Numerous immigrant teens have gone missing on Long Island since 2016. They’ve all been linked to the violent gang MS-13. FRONTLINE investigates a slew of killings that led to many immigrant teens being accused of gang affiliation and unlawfully detained. Drawing on interviews with murder victims’ families, accused gang members, top Justice Department officials, local […]

Chinese scientists and doctors, international disease experts and health officials reveal missed opportunities to suppress the outbreak. Watch as they detail lessons for the world in “China’s COVID Secrets.” The film is directed by Jane McMullen. This 90-minute documentary reveals the gulf between what China knew and what it told the world. A coproduction with […]

At its peak, Forever 21 made $4.4 billion in revenue. They were one of the fastest-growing fast fashion empires. Now, the retailer has filed for bankruptcy after alienating its core customers. They also struggled to keep up with the rise of e-commerce. As one of the largest tenants of American malls, a large-scale shutdown of […]

Jadurberia village is the shuttlecock capital of India. There workers have been making badminton birdies for generations. However, the rise of mechanized assembly lines and the popularity of synthetic shuttlecocks are threatening to shut down smaller factories. Factories like the Niyogi family’s Dodo Shuttles. Find out more with this in-depth feature. Watch the full video […]

The business of beauty can be very ugly, especially in the cutthroat world of modelling. It’s an industry that wants to portray itself as the epitome of health and happiness. The reality though is anything but. Anorexia, drug use and bullying are as routine as smiling for the cameras. Now a very determined – and […]

When COVID-19 struck, the Federal Reserve stepped in to try to avert economic crisis. As the country’s central bank continues to pump billions of dollars into the financial system daily, who is benefiting and at what cost? FRONTLINE investigates “The Power of the Fed.” They discuss how the central bank’s actions have played out over […]

The world is full of marvels. Especially when it comes down to basic technology. Every 15 minutes, Americans insert over 3.5 million coins into vending machines. HISTORY decided to visit a sprawling factory that mass produces the latest in high-tech vending machines recently. The footage can be seen on Modern Marvels in Season 14, Episode […]

Bret Hart is a lot of things. He is arguably Canada’s most famous sports entertainer. He’s an artist, a father and a member of the celebrated Hart family. However, Bret is also a mentor who has impacted two of WWE’s Hall of Famers: Mark Henry and Edge. He helped unlock the talent that brought the […]

Drug overdoses surged during the pandemic. It forced many recovery centers and in-person meetings to close. This left them to fight a bigger threat than COVID. Relapse. Addicts in recovery had to get creative to survive.

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