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BBC Africa Eye Talks “Sex For Grades,” Goes Undercover Inside Nigerian And Ghanaian Universities

Universities in Nigeria and Ghana have been plagued by stories of sexual harassment by lecturers and professors for decades. Allegations include a wide array of abuses, from blackmailing students for sex in exchange for marks and admission to lewd comments and grooming.

After gathering dozens of testimonies, BBC Africa Eye sent undercover journalists posing as students inside the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the University of Ghana. There they captured footage of the sexual harassment.

Reporter Kiki Mordi, who knows first-hand how devastating sexual harassment can be. Watch as BBC Africa Eye reveals what happens behind the closed doors of some of West Africa’s most prestigious universities.

Put The “Guns Down And Gloves Up With Detroit’s Car Wash Fight Club


Detroit is a city known for one of the highest murder rates in the country. Some residents have lost faith in the ability of their law enforcement.

Especially when it comes to keeping the streets safe from gun violence. VICE traveled to Detroit to see how an underground fight club run out of a local car wash has taken matters into its own hands.

There they allow rivals to settle their “beefs” before the violence gets out of control. Watch the full video below.

Watch The Story Of The NBA Player Who Ate Himself Out The League

The NBA is a league filled with plenty of physically fit players. However, there has also been plenty of out of shape players as well.

Despite this, what if you were told that there once an NBA player who literally ate himself out the league! He was so physically out of shape that he was suspended for it.

This is the story of The NBA Player Who ATE His Way Out The League. Watch the full video below.

Watch “The Last Dragon: A Black Culture Tribute To Kung Fu”

The Last Dragon is arguably the film that best exemplifies the connection between black culture and kung fu. The Guardian’s Josh Toussaint-Strauss was previously criticised for leaving it out of his previous video about the subject.

There are so many examples of this cultural crossover in the film. So many that it required a video of its own.

So … this is a tribute to “The Last Dragon,” which in turn is a tribute to the kung fu film genre, as well as a celebration of black culture. Watch the full video below.

Find Out What’s Up With “Electric Football In The Modern Age”

Shattering preconceived notions is “Electric Football in the Modern Age.” This short film gives a unique insight into the people behind the resurgence of Electric Football.

It’s an independent filmaker’s look at today’s Electric Football products. It also follows the artists and competitors.

Voodoo Wrestling And Empowering Women In The Congo


Catch Fétiche is loosely translated as “voodoo wrestling.” It’s a uniquely Congolese fighting style.

It’s popularity has grown in recent years. It can be defined as a combination of traditional African wrestling moves, old religious practices, and one man’s obsession with Hulk Hogan.

Learn how it has helped to empower women in the Congo. Watch the full video below.