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Playboy TV Introduces “Uncovered,” A New Erotic Series From Playboy

Playboy TV introduces “Uncovered,” a brand new erotic series. It’ll be debuting soon exclusively on

Think you know your favorite adult stars? “Uncovered” is your backstage pass into their real lives. Join them as they invite you inside their homes, bedrooms and fantasies.

Elsa Jean, Alina Lopez, Ana Foxxx, and Scarlett Sage start things off as they bare themselves in a more intimate and hotter type of erotic video. Find out more here.

CNBC’s “Make It” Talks How “Flamin’ Hot” Cheetos Became America’s Favorite Snack

It seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing “Flamin’ Hot” Cheetos. Since launching “Flamin’ Hot” Cheetos in 1992, Frito-Lay is continuing to expand their “Flamin’ Hot” product line. There are 15 “Flamin’ Hot” snacks from popcorn to Doritos.

It’s easy to mistake “Flamin’ Hot’s” popularity as just another social media trend. But experts say, its success is actually a reflection of America’s shifting demographics and their desire for more intense flavors.

In this episode of “Make It,” CNBC explores how “Flamin’ Hot” went from a janitor’s vision to a world-wide phenomenon. Watch the full episode below.

Victoria Vertuga Stars In 8 Episodes Of “Disgraced” Season 1, Out Now!

The first season of the new 8-episode series DisGraced, which fixes on the sexism and double standard of Hollywood, has been released online!

Grace Greene is clawing her way back to the middle.

Five years after her big break turned out to be a big flop, a struggling actress asks herself how much humiliation she’s willing to endure for another chance to make it.

Victoria Vertuga (“Dexter”), Jodie Bentley (“Modern Family”), Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva, Tal Berkovich (“Widows”), and Thomas Hobson (“In Living Color”) star in a hilarious and relatable new 50-minute series from Victoria Vertuga and Eric Williford.

YouTube Originals Presents “Coachella: 20 Years In The Desert”

YouTube Originals recently released their latest film. A documentary feature two decades in the making, “Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert” opens up the vault for the very first time to present the legendary performances and behind-the-scenes stories that shaped the seminal music festival.

The film provides a rare look at Coachella’s colorful beginning. It presents exclusive, never-before-seen footage, interviews, and key performances from some of the biggest names in music.

Produced and directed by Chris Perkel. Executive Produced by Raymond Leon Roker and Paul Tollett. This is a Goldenvoice Production in association with Hamsterdam Productions.

Adam Levin Discusses Scammers And The Tax Deadline Extension Affecting New Victims With CNBC

The tax deadline extension has been a good and bad thing during this pandemic. Good, because it helps families continue to prepare for a return to normality, but also bad.

Mostly because it has now given scammers and criminals an additional period to attack victims. Phone calls and phishing schemes are popular tactics.

Recently, CNBC spoke with Adam Levin, co-founder of about the matter as part of their partnership with Acorns. Find out more information here.

NBC Nightly News Discusses $350 Billion Fund For Emergency Small Business Loans Running Out

In less than two weeks, emergency loans have been approved. That includes loans for more than 1.4 million small businesses nationwide.

Multiple sources say that the $350 billion fund could run out of money. Many estimates state as soon as last night.

NBC Nightly News discussed the topic and more. Watch the full video here.

SB Nation Explores Why Karl Malone And John Stockton Never Won A NBA Championship

Karl Malone and John Stockton might just be the best duo in NBA history to fall short of winning it all. That might even extend to all major pro sports.

They had all the stats and all the individual acclaim. They also had all that with a franchise that won consistently for almost two straight decades.

This episode of SB Nation’s “Untitled” examines why, despite a basically ideal situation, two of history’s greatest players couldn’t bring Utah even one NBA championship. Watch the full episode below.