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PBS And FRONTLINE Reveals The Hidden Story Of The NFL And Brain Injuries

The National Football League presides over America’s indisputable national pastime. However, the league is under assault.

Thousands of former players have claimed it tried to cover up how football inflicted their long-term brain injuries. What did the NFL know, and when did it know it?

PBS covered this story for their FRONTLINE “League of Denial” feature. Watch the full documentary below:

Hear The Truth About Maluma In This YouTube Originals Documentary

Join Maluma as he reflects on a career evolution. The star looks back at his career from his early days in Colombia to becoming one of the music industry’s biggest stars.

With never-before-seen interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. You’ll hear straight from Maluma, his family, and inner circle.

This exclusive, YouTube Originals, documentary reveals a side of Maluma the world’s been waiting to see. Watch it now only on YouTube.

Watch “The Trap,” The Deadly Sex-Trafficking Cycle In American Prisons

The Guardian explores many different things with their “The Trap” series. In this episode they venture into prisons.

“The Trap” investigates how prisons and jails across the United States have become recruiting grounds for human traffickers. Those who are targeting incarcerated women.

Trafficking the women out of correctional facilities and into pimp-controlled prostitution. Watch the full episode below:

Watch “Fake Me: Living for Likes #TheSheWord” – BBC Africa Documentary

Fake or real, truth or lie, how can you tell the difference? Especially in an age where internet use is booming in Africa – up an incredible 20% in the last year alone.

With so many of us out there on social media trying to put our best face forward, the bar seems to be getting higher and higher to look good, have successful work and love lives. But in our lust for likes, are we forgetting who we really are? And are we losing a grip on reality?

As part of the BBC’s #BeyondFakeNews season, they went to Nairobi, Kenya to find out.

Vice Sports Examines The Death Of NFL Star Will Smith


In this episode of Red Cards, a fender bender gets carried away, leading to the death of New Orleans Saints defensive end, Will Smith. The perpetrator claimed self defense, saying Smith was the aggressor. Renowned defensive end Will Smith was leaving the French Quarter Festival when security cameras show him lightly rear ending another vehicle.

An altercation ensued, culminating in the other driver, Cardell Hayes firing shots at Smith and his wife, killing the retired football player. Smith family publicist, Lauren Renschler, called it “sick irony” that a New Orleans icon would die in the most typical New Orleans fashion – murder by gun violence. When Hayes was convicted, some rejoiced, while others wondered what would have happened if the roles were reversed, and “Saint Will” was the one claiming self defense.

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Players Only Films Releases New Penny Hardaway Documentary “One Cent”

Penny Hardaway’s career as an NBA superstar didn’t end the way he wanted it to. Back in his hometown of Memphis, he’s helping a new generation of hoopers realize their dreams.

Players Only recently released a new film on his life. It’s titled “One Cent” for obvious reasons.

The film gives a detailed account of Hardaway’s life and career. Watch the full film below:

Penny Hardaway – One Cent

BBC Africa Eye Follows The Story Of 3 Sugar Babies, Money Wives Sold Into Debt In New Documentaries

BBC Africa Eye recently released a new set of documentaries following the plight of multiple women. The 1st set of films tells the stories of 3 sugar babies looking to better their lives and the 2nd set follows the story of children sold into marriage to repay their family debts. Watch all of the films below:

In Kenya, “sugar daddy” relationships are out in the open – in nightclubs, on campuses, and all over social media.


Female students “prefer dating older men than dating school kids” in Nairobi, says 21-year-old Jane. Although she comes from a traditional family in rural Kenya, Jane freely admits that she gets support from two older guys, and asks, “What is wrong about sex anyway?”

hqdefault (2)

Bridget Achieng is a Kenyan model, socialite, and reality TV star. But she didn’t always live the glam life. She takes us back to the slums where she grew up, and talks frankly about how she made herself famous through sex appeal, rich tycoons, and social media. *** Following some inaccurate coverage of Bridget in the Kenyan media, the BBC would like to make clear that – as they show in their film – Bridget ran a jewelry business, contributes to Nairobi Diaries, and leads a charitable foundation for children in Kibera. She currently runs an interior design consultancy in Nairobi, and has recently announced that she is expecting a baby.

hqdefault (1)

Grace is a single mum and nightclub dancer who dreams of being a star. She goes to the Kenyan coast looking for a rich “sponsor” – AKA sugar daddy – who can fund her dream of making it as a singer. But is there such a thing as easy money?

hqdefault (3)

Through a tradition called “money marriage”, some young girls are used as currency in a type of modern slavery among the Becheve people in southern Nigeria. Children are sold to men as old as 90 to settle debts or as a form of payment. BBC Africa hears from the girls themselves, an elderly husband and the man fighting against the custom.