Life’s Differences And Similarities Are Front In Center In “Driving While Black”

Rating: 3/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Life in the modern world can easily become complicated. Individuals walk amongst the planer constantly comparing their differences and similarities. This can result in a feeling of insanity being felt by many. Our differences are what make us unique, but also misunderstood by one another. “Driving While Black” attempts to explain those differences and similarities.

Dimitri is a young African American man. Since childhood, he has had his share of run-in’s with law enforcement. Those experiences have led to Dimitri not trusting many members of law enforcement. His job as a pizza delivery driver tests his trust and faith daily. As the film progresses, Dimitri attempts to better his life while avoiding the obstacles of law enforcement in his life.

Overall I enjoyed this film. I thought it told Dimitri’s story well. Dominique Purdy did a good job of bringing his vision to the film screen. I think audiences will enjoy this film. The funny moments are definitely apart of the film, but I think the meaning behind the story is what is truly important. Hopefully audiences will feel the same way after watching this polarizing tale.


Horror Film “Isolation” In The Works For Blumhouse-Inspired Continuance Pictures


Continuance Pictures have announced production on upcoming horror film ISOLATION, which Tristan Barr attached to write and direct.

The film tells of a seemingly lone survivor of a plane crash that meets a wild woman in the Australian wilderness when he is thrust against a familiar demonic bearing that haunts his refuge.

Barr will produce with Continuance Pictures’ partner David Gim.

ISOLATION will be a Korean-Australian co-production.

Meanwhile, Continuance has also announced a new filmmaking initiative inspired by the horror maestro himself, Jason Blum.

Continuance’s Tristan Barr and David Gim were speaking to Blum (“Halloween”, “The Purge”) at the recent Busan Film Market where he inspired the prolific producing unit to get a film fund going.

“Jason gave us incredible advice on shooting with low budgets and testing contents with short films”, says Barr, co-founder of the company.

The chat led to a new film ‘Continue’ initiative, in which budding filmmakers will have the chance to produce their own short with feature film or TV series potential.

Through their new initiative, Continuance Pictures will foster the untapped creativity of new writers, directors and producers by assisting them in the development and production of a film through a short film initiative.

Continuance Pictures are looking to offer qualified, high-concept proposals up to $10,000 to spend on the production’s budget. Writers, directors and producers who have bold and innovative ideas are invited to submit their scripts to the Continue Short Film Initiative via the Continuance Pictures website before 5 pm AEDT on the 1st of February 2019.


Paul Sapiano’s Acclaimed Dark Rooted Comedy “Driving While Black” Premieres On Demand And Digital HD This February

Coinciding with Black History Month, Paul Sapiano’s acclaimed dark rooted comedy Driving While Black premieres on Demand and Digital HD this February from Artist Rights Distribution, Inc.

Based on the real-life experiences of writer and lead actor Dominique Purdy, Driving While Black is an arresting film that explores Purdy’s real life experiences growing up as a person of color in LA and his run ins with police.

With February Black History Month, honoring the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout U.S. history, Driving While Black will be available digitally from February 1st.

Dmitri is a pizza guy who would rather smoke weed and suffer for his art, but his mom and his girl won’t stop nagging him to get a real job. When he’s offered a gig mouthing off to tourists behind the wheel of a Hollywood “star tour” bus, it looks like everyone might get what they want. Trouble is, our man can’t seem to step out the door to get to the interview without endless complications: busted radiators, simple weed scores gone sideways and LAPD cruisers seemingly everywhere. Dmitri’s skill at going unnoticed by cops is honed by painful experiences growing up Black in L.A., but even his keen survival instincts won’t save him from the week from hell.

With a jovial swagger to its walking pace, Driving While Black is half comedy of errors and half hard-bitten realism, tucked into a sly treatise on 21st-century over-policing.

The ALIENS Return This February! “FIGHTING THE SKY” Invades North America This February

Conrad Faraj’s otherworldly sci-fi horror film Fighting The Sky, an alien invasion film starring Angela Cole (White Boy Rick) and Roger Conners (The Curse of Lilith Ratchet), is set to invade North America this February from High Octane Pictures.

Strange other-worldly sounds are echoing around the world. A group of researchers, led by expert ufologist Lorraine Gardner, begin an expedition to track down the point of origin from which the sounds emerge. Yet as their journey deepens, they begin to discover more than they bargained for.

Featuring high end visual effects from Corey McCauley (Kevin Smith’s Tusk, Mike Mendez’s Don’t Kill It), and co-starring Matthew Ward, Nicole Ann Hicks, Alison Headrick, Jinette Faraj, Judith Faraj, Brianna Burke, Bailey Weaver, Logan Roberts, Ed Conrad, and Larry Cahill, Fighting the Sky invades digital and DVD February 5.

Get Into “Good Trouble” With Freeform tonight!

Tune in tonight to see the full first episode of Good Trouble on Freeform at 8pm/7c.

Good Trouble picks up where The Fosters finale left off. The new series follows sisters Callie and Mariana Adams Foster as they move to Los Angeles and navigate the next step of their lives. Mariana will take on the patriarchy as she tries to make a name for herself at a new tech startup, and Callie continues to fight for justice as the clerk for a federal judge.

In addition to guest appearances from your fave Fosters characters, Good Trouble will be introducing a handful of new LGBTQ characters. Alice, the manager of Callie and Mariana’s new communal living space, is a lesbian, and their roommate (and Callie’s new love interest!) Gael is bisexual.