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John Rhys-Davies Battles The Undead In “SOLDIER OF WAR,” Available On Demand This March

An undead soldier rises in Uncork’d Entertainment’s SOLDIER OF WAR this March!

In an acclaimed, award-winning performance, John Rhys-Davies (the Indiana Jones films, Lord of the Rings trilogy) faces a monstrous adversary from his past in SOLDIER OF WAR, available on demand this March.

Deep in the forest, two boys discover the entrance to a secret military bunker hidden since World War II and inadvertently awaken an undead soldier, who embarks on a grotesque, ritualistic killing spree. A police investigation begins, but one by one the police and other locals are murdered. Only a World War II veteran holds the secret to stop the killings, but will anybody believe him?

From director John Adams, and starring John Rhys-Davies, Rosie Fellner, and Tanya Franks, SOLDIER OF WAR on VOD March 3rd and DVD April 9th from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Step In To Action With “Blood Brother” Now On Blu-ray and Digital

“Blood Brother” is one of the latest films from WWE Studios. The movie is an action thriller!

In the film a recently released convict takes murderous revenge against his childhood friends. Those same friends are those who let him take the fall for their crimes.

Trey Songz and Jack Kesy star in this film. Check it out below:

Check Out This Episode Of VICE: Minority Report “The Young Black Conservatives of Trump’s America”

In October of 2018, hundreds of young conservatives of color met up in Washington, DC, for the first ever Young Black Leadership Summit: a four-day conference that featured speeches from conservative actress Stacey Dash and firebrand Candace Owens, a trip to the White House to hear Trump speak, and a rare chance for young, black Republicans to get together and network IRL. VICE’s Lee Adams went to the summit to talk firsthand with young, black conservatives about what drew them to the Republican party, along with what kind of backlash they’ve faced from the black community for going public with their political views. To find out more about the movement, he also tagged along with Antonia Okafor—an outspoken Second Amendment activist—on a hunting trip in northwestern Iowa with Steve King, a House Rep who’s been widely criticized for his racist comments. Lastly, he met up with Shekinah Geist, a black Republican and budding social media influencer, and sat in on a conversation between her and a group of peers from the local black student union who challenged her on her support for President Trump. Watch the full VICE: Minority Report episode below:

DJ Rico Banks Interviews Ashley Scott Meyers For Today’s UGR Podcast Episode

Ashley Scott Meyers is a writer and film director. He’s a screenwriter and Founder of

The name of his latest film is “The Pinch.” The film is a mobster tale with a sinister twist.

Today we spoke with Ashley about his latest film and much more. Listen now below via our podcast:

This March Celebrate Women’s History Month With DeDe’s Kick Off Luncheon

Join DeDe and celebrity guests as we celebrate, encourage, network and honor all DFW women. A celebration of women who made history and continue making history. Register below to win passes!

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