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IMN Media To Host Dallas Valentines Day Film Screening For “Just Sex, Nothing Personal” At Studio Movie Grill

IMN Media is happy to announce our next TUGG film screening. The event is set to kick off the Valentines Day weekend.

The film is a romantic comedy couples are sure to love. Titled “Just Sex, Nothing Personal,” it’s easy to tell why this is the perfect date night film.

Tickets are on sale now at a price of $9. Purchase your tickets for this screening here.

AEW Secures TNT Contract Extension Through 2023 For “Dynamite,” “AEW Dark” To Also Air On Network

After a few months of televised tapings, AEW has already secured a contract extension. It’s a big achievement for the newly formed wrestling company.

The new deal will see AEW’s lead program “Dynamite” continue its weekly Wednesday night residency on the TNT television network. TNT is also in the process of bringing another AEW program on to their network.

“AEW DARK” currently airs on YouTube, but TNT sees the value in it and will be bringing the program over to their network. AEW features wrestlers such as champion Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and tag team stars The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros.

Join The Dallas Renegades For A “Peek At The Park” This Saturday

Join the Dallas Renegades this Saturday for a peek at the park. This event will be held Saturday, January 18th at Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX.

It will last from 12:00 – 4:00 PM. Fans will have an opportunity to sign up for single game and season tickets.

Fans attending will get a chance to see how the park is coming along with renovations before the season begins. Come out and join the Dallas Renegades for a fun event this Saturday!

Reality TV Stars Take Center Stage In The Satirical “Reality Queen”

Rating: 3/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Love can be inescapable for a select few people. Fame and celebrity status uplifts the inescapable form of love. Those in the spotlight are constantly adored by their legions of fans. However, what happens when you’re no longer the toast of the party. “Reality Queen” is a film that asks that tough question.

London Logo is a celebrity “it” girl. She’s sometimes referred to as a marketing genius. However, some people think she’s just the product of a dumbed down public. Either can be true, but the fact remains that London is a certified star. That was until she was overshadowed by Kristy Kim. What will London do now that there’s a new “it” girl in town.

Overall I enjoyed this film. The satirical format of the film is something that caught my attention early. “Reality Queen” is a story many viewers will be able to understand easily. It’s not the funniest film, but, like films such as “Not Another Teen Movie,” it has it’s moments. I think is a film viewers will enjoy if given the chance.

Meek Mill Shines In “Charm City Kings” Film Trailer

“Charm City Kings” is one of Sony Pictures latest films. The film is an inner city tale about a budding upbringing.

The city can consume you with it’s lights, but your passion will always be you escape. This film is a tale about that escape and features some familiar faces.

Rapper Meek Mill makes a glaring appearance in the film slated for release later this year. Watch the full trailer below.

It’s Cold As Balls! As The Bella Twins Become Total Divas In Kevin Hart’s Cold Tubs

hqdefault (2)

Two tubs are better than one. Kevin’s in for a surprise when The Bella Twins take over the cold tubs.

There they talk about their historic wrestling careers. It’s a crazy path that started with Hooters.

It would end with them fighting Ronda Rousey in a WWE main event. Watch the full episode below.

Kevin Gates Talks The Worst Money He’s Ever Blown With Men’s Health

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What has Kevin Gates done with all the money he’s earned? What happened to it all when he went to prison?

In Men’s Health’s new series about financial health, Kevin explains the stories behind the best money he’s ever spent. He also talks about the worst money he’s spent.

Find out what he learned along the way. Watch the full video below.