“Aladdin” Is A Whole New World Waiting To Be Discovered

Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 4/5

A new life is something many of us wish we could have. New perspectives, lifestyles and personalities can help mold a new reality. A life so different from the original and close to that of dreams. A whole new world is essentially created. “Aladdin” is a remake of a classic tale. One receiving acclaim for the Disney remake, but a story long told beforehand.

This modern remake of “Aladdin” has a great feel. Its one closer to the Disney version of the film. The vibe is lively as the cast exerts energy. That energy and animation is what truly carries the film from beginning to end. Closing out that modern tale in extraordinary fashion.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. I’ve always been a fan of Disney films and their animation. However, “Aladdin” is a story that I’ve always been drawn to. The Disney edition was my first run in with his story. Searching for more information about the story led me to the original “The Thief of Bagdad” film. This version is definitely worthy of a place alongside its predecessors.


Mark Wilson’s New Film, “Wade In The Water,” Set To Premiere At Dances With Films June 19

Director Mark Wilson’s Wade in the Water, a semi-finalist for the prestigious Nicholl Fellowships in 2018, will premiere at the prestigious Dances with Films Film Festival Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 at 7:15 PM.

Sure, our man never gives his name. He works from home. His neighbours are all idiots. He doesn’t really “do” friends. But all that changes when a mis-delivered package arrives in his post office box bearing a horrifying secret –one that will set him on a collision course with a predator, the man’s disillusioned daughter, and his own dark past.

Real Rob’s Tom E.Nicholson and Danika Golombek (I Am The Night) star. Wilson, whose film was awarded “Best Drama” at the 2019 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, directs from a script by Chris Retts.

Ice T Faces The Horror In Midnight Releasing’s “Clinton Road,” Set For June 14, 2019 Release

An award-winning new film about a haunted road in New Jersey has been picked up for distribution by Midnight Releasing, who are targeting a summer theatrical bow.

Clinton Road, directed by Steve Stanulis and Richard Grieco, stars internationally acclaimed musician and actor Ice-T (New Jack City, “Law & Order : SVU”), James DeBello (Cabin Fever, Detroit Rock City), Vincent Pastore (“The Sopranos”, Goodfellas), and Erin O’Brien (Pernicious, Killing Joan).

In the film, scripted by Derek Ross Mackay, a widowed fire fighter seeks closure after his wife goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey but must unlock the roads secret if he wants to get out alive.

Ace Young (“Bones”), Katie Morrison (“The Blacklist”), Bo Dietl (“Vinyl”), and Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts also star.
Grieco, Noel Ashman and Steve Stanulis produce.

“ARROW’s” Jimmy Jean-Louis, Warren Brown Star In “Cargo,” This June

A sensitive fisherman transforms into a prolific human smuggler to pay his debts in “a must see film*” inspired by true events.

When his income as a fisherman proves woefully insufficient to cover his son’s school fees, Kevin turns to human smuggling in order to raise desperately needed funds. Kevin finds that he’s good at this dangerous yet profitable vocation—good enough to trust himself with smuggling his own girlfriend and her son to the US. But when faced with having to abandon refugees at sea far from Miami shores, Kevin is suddenly forced to reassess his responsibilities. Inspired by true events, Cargo examines the world’s refugee crisis from a very local perspective. The largest Bahamian film project to date, this latest feature from Kareem J. Mortimer is a thrilling, vital call for empathy in troubled times.

Written and directed by Kareem Mortimer, and also starring Gessica Geneus, Persia White (“The Vampire Diaries”), Omar J. Dorsey (Halloween), and Jamie Donnelly (Black Mass), Cargo dives into theaters May 30.
*The Nassau Guardian

Non-stop Los Angeles Streets Thrill Ride, “The Refuge” Arrives In Theaters June 28

This June, plan your getaway.

From writer-director Keith Sutliff, a non-stop thrill ride through the streets of Los Angeles, The Refuge in theatres June 28.

A getaway driver finds himself in harm’s way when he gets caught up in a job involving casino heist money in the adrenaline-charged new crime thriller from Keith Sutliff.

KS Pictures presents The Refuge, starring Keith Sutliff (The Mason Brothers), Julien Cesario (Close Range), Matthew Webb (127 Hours), Reine Swart (The Lullaby), Stefanie Estes (Bethany), Demeterius Stear (Death Pool), Martin Copping (“Hawaii Five-O”) and Cheyenne Buchanan (A Dark Place).

In Theaters June 28.

Justice Smith Thrills As “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” Brings Your Childhood Into Reality!

The love for family can lead a person down path’s once discontinued. What will you do to find out what happened to a loved one? Would you return to your hometown? Would you interact with those you once distanced yourself from? Would you solve the mystery of a lifetime? “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” is a film that answers all of those questions.

Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) is an insurance salesman. After the death of his mom, Tim gave up Pokemon training. However, his father Harry, a detective would go missing after working on a case. Tim returns home to Ryme City and meets his dad’s Pokemon partner Pikachu. Together, Tim and Pikachu begin trying to learn more about Harry’s disappearance.

This movie is easily one that’s enjoyable for the entire family. It has segments for both parents and children alike. I think this film is one everyone in a home can enjoy together. Especially once the Pokemon’s come out to play. Overall I enjoyed this film. “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” brings your childhood into reality!