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There’s Something Waiting In The Mountains This November In “The Wendigo”

There’s something waiting in the mountains this November.

The Wendigo takes to New York in Uncork’d Entertainment’s The Retreat!

From director Bruce Wemple (Monstrous), and starring Grant Schumacher, The Retreat will be available on DVD and Digital November 10.

Set in the Adirondack High Peaks of Upstate New York, two best friends. Gus and Adam, set out for a
winter backpacking trip. After a horrifying encounter with a monster, Gus finds himself alone and lost.
Now, he must now fight for his life while keeping his grip on reality as he’s tormented both physically
and psychologically by the evil Native American legend, The Wendigo.

Dylan Grunn, Rick Montgomery Jr., Chris Cimperman, and Ariella Mastoianni also star in the film.

New Trailer For The Highly Anticipated Film “Greatland” Set For Release This Friday

Academy award-nominee Eric Roberts, Nick Moran (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), J.P. Manoux (Veep), former boxing champion of the world Shannon Briggs, and horror icon Bill Oberst Jr (The Devil’s Rejects) star in writer-director Dana Ziyasheva’s (Defenders of Life) timely “GREATLAND.”

An allegory of today’s world, saturated with current political references and shocking imagery, the film’s teaser got a life of its own on social media, with shares, comments and reactions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ranging from WTF?!!! and “What did I just see?! to “Which side are you on?” With one FB follower who summarized it perfectly: “Exactly what this world looks like to an outsider. Freaks and f*cks all heading down the rabbit hole.”

The dystopian sci-fi feature, which also stars up and coming young actors Arman Darbo (And Then I Go) and Chloe Ray Warmoth (Fuller House), is the coming of age story of Ulysses set in imaginary country Greatland, whose citizens, the “Greats” are too evolved to bother with government, work, education, law, technology or money. Trapped in this world of perpetual fun and inter-species love ruled by a universal Mother, Ulysses must cross the forbidden frontier to save his childhood sweetheart, as an absurd election and a deadly Virus lead to chaos and violence.

With the future of traditional distribution system put in question by the pandemic, “GREATLAND” takes a new and innovative approach to promotion by engaging directly with its target audience. Given the timeliness and prophetic nature of the movie, the film creators are encouraging questions from the audience and answering them online thus engaging them in the complex and very original world building of the indie film all the while staying grounded in the contemporary political landscape.

“GREATLAND,” produced by Igor Darbo under his Popcorn & Friends banner, will be released later this year.

Saturday Night Live’s Andrew Diskmukes and Christina Parrish Star In “Call Me Brother” This November

Saturday Night Live’s Andrew Diskmukes and Christina Parrish star in CALL ME BROTHER, a coming-of-age romantic comedy about a brother and sister in their late teens who are reunited after years of separation only to discover intimate feelings they struggle to confront. Between immature friends and dysfunctional parents, they find comfort in each other over a wistful and awkward summer weekend. From director David Howe, and written by Christina Parrish, CALL ME BROTHER opens in virtual theaters Nationwide November 6, 2020.

Breaking Glass Pictures Acquires Rights To Award-Winning Drama “Song Lang” For North American Distribution

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired US rights to Leon Le’s multi award-winning drama Song Lang for North America. A nationwide virtual theatrical release in October will be followed by an On Demand/DVD release in November.
Breaking Glass acquired rights to the film in a deal negotiated between Breaking Glass CEO Rich Wolff and Tetsuki Ijichi, founder and CEO of Rain Trail Pictures.

“Leon Le’s award winning film festival favorite Song Lang, offers strong performances, against the backdrop of Saigon in the 90’s”, says Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass Pictures. “The heart of this story is Cai-luong which is a Vietnamese style of folk opera, blended with a beautifully produced, and brilliantly acted, story of how two men’s lives converge, and for a moment find peace and contentment. An absolute festival favorite which audiences will love”.

“We are thrilled that Breaking Glass Pictures will be releasing this beautiful movie in North America. It is one of the most audience award-winning Asian movies of the decade and we are so proud of this feature film. I believe everyone will enjoy it”, said Tetsuki Ijichi of Rain Trail Pictures.

Set in 1980’s Saigon, Song Lang is a gritty underworld noir hiding a tender, romantic heart. At the film’s core is the unlikely bond that develops between hunky, brooding Dung (Lien Binh Phat), a tough debt collector for a ruthless loan shark, and Linh Phung (V-pop star Isaac), a charismatic young opera singer for a struggling company that performs Cai-Luong, a modern form of traditional Vietnamese folk opera.

The two meet when Dung comes to forcefully collect a debt from the opera troupe, but when their paths cross again, a friendship develops, awakening surprising, tender feelings in both men. With his first feature film, director Leon Le has delivered a rich drama: a smoldering relationship between two apparent opposites–equally uncompromising–set against the backdrop of a gorgeous, fading art form.

Song Lang will release in virtual theaters October 9 and DVD and Digital on November 11 from Breaking Glass Pictures.

Wood Entertainment Embraces The Darkness In “Tenement 45”

Wood Entertainment, in partnership with The Horror Collective, is proud to announce the November 3 digital/VOD release of the timely, pandemic-set, isolation horror/thriller DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45 from writer/director Nicole Groton (“The Melting Family”). Wood Entertainment acquired worldwide rights to the film in March 2020 at the start of COVID 19 shutdowns in a deal negotiated by CEO Tara Wood, writer/director Groton as well as producers Crystal Collins and Simone Lapidus.The film will debut on all digital VOD platforms November 3, including: iTunes; Amazon; Vimeo, Xbox, Google Play; iNDEMAND; FandangoNOW, and more.

Arriving during the most pivotal election in US history, DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45’s themes of power, corruption, and generational divide also make it the perfect election horror film.The film had an unstoppable festival run, including screenings at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (where it received runner-up for best Actress and best Screenplay), Big Apple Film Festival (where it received Best Feature Film), Sarasota Film Festival, Capital City Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival.

Meek Mill Stars In This Will Smith And Jada Pinkett-Smith Produced IMN “Movie Of The Week,” “Charm City Kings”

Discovering new films is something we do well at IMN. Weekends are perfect for catching up on these films.

This weekend we saw “Charm City Kings,” a 2020 film starring Meek Mill and produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Relax this evening and visit this IMN “Movie of the Week” with us!

Filmaker Rene Perez Releases Ninja Fan Film Based On “G.I Joe” Character, Snake Eyes

Genre film maker Rene Perez (Death Kiss, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) has spent lockdown working on a ninja fan film based on the G.I Joe Character, Snake Eyes.

Starring Beauty Queen Miss Nevada 2020 Victoria Olona as Snake Eyes’ wife and Seventh degree black belt martial artist Juan Manuel Olmedo as the title character, the fan film is available now for free on YouTube in HD and on Vimeo in 4K :

The film is based on the popular Hasbro G.I.Joe action figure toy line and comic book series that dominated the 1980’s. This film mainly focuses on one member of the military team, code name : Snake Eyes.

Director Rene Perez and Producer Joseph Camilleri previously collaborated on the film “The Insurrection” in 2019.
Perez’s next feature is “Righteous Blood” starring Michael Pare and Emily Whitcomb.

This October, The Haves And The Have Nots’ Danielle Deadwyler Brings A Reckoning In New Film, “The Devil To Pay”

This October, The Haves and the Have Nots’ Danielle Deadwyler brings a reckoning in a new film from the writers of Becky.

After the disappearance of her husband, Lemon, a struggling farmer in an isolated Appalachian community, must repay her husband’s debt to the oldest family on the mountain and their murderous biscuit-making matriarch in order to save her young son’s life. Armed with only her wits and tenacity, Lemon must unravel the mysteries her husband left behind or lose everything she’s ever loved.

From directors Ruckus Skye and Lane Skye, Danielle Deadwyler, Catherine Dyer, Jayson Warner Smith, Brad Carter, Luce Rains, Adam Boyer, Charles Black, Parisa Johnston, Tim Habeger, and Ezra Haslam star in Devil to Pay in Drive-in theaters October 2 and On Demand and DVD release October 6 via Uncork’d Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures.

Gangs Stand Tall In “Blue Story” As Friendship And Violence Collide At The Center

Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 4/5

Gangs are present in many pockets throughout the world. Various institutions, cultures and societies have their own form of cliques, but they’re all one in the same. They’re groups of people that share common interests. Those groups may or may not include friends, family members and loved ones. However, those gangs can influence a person to distance themselves from those friends, family and loved ones. “Blue Story” is a film that covers the above mentioned areas of thought plus others.

Directed by Rapman, “Blue Story” tells the story of two friends. Their bond was created at adolescence and extended into their teenage years. Marco and Timmy both share mutual interests and acquaintances. However, they’re ultimately separated by their neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods eventually ruin their friendship and this is where the film truly finds its substance.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film. The story is a familiar one, but it’s more relevant today than ever. Opinions, relationships and geographic locations have the ability to place us in boxes and separate us from people whom we share common interests. It’s been that way throughout the lifespan of humanity. “Blue Story” touches on that fact perfectly, but with a backdrop of gang culture. As individuals, those we love may separate us from those with our best interests in mind. Do we allow them to do so or do we end the cycle?

Markus Castro’s Award-Winning Swedish Feature “GHABE” Releases This October From GVN Releasing

Markus Castro’s award-winning Swedish feature GHABE releases this October from GVN Releasing.

A Syrian refugee explores the mystical Swedish forests and his own traumatic memories of the war, while battling the local racism and ignoring his over protective cousin, warning him not to endanger his application for residence permit because he is falling in love with a local woman only to find out how deep the racism really goes. Stars Adel Darwish, Nathalié Williamsdotter, and Ahmad Fadel.

GHABE, in select theaters this from 10/16 and On Demand 10/20.

GHABE screens at the Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn from October 16 and is available On Demand October 20.

Vans “The Tony Alva Story” Chronicles The Rise To Fame Of A Skateboard Legend

One of the key figures in the early evolution of skateboarding from a wholesome, contest based “sport” into the freewheeling art form that it is today was Tony Alva. Tony is now 63 years old, the oldest professional skateboarder in the world, is considered by many to be the godfather of modern day skateboarding.

Alva’s brand of aggression and bravado in the 70’s set the stage for the way skateboarding would be forever defined.

Vans’ “The Tony Alva Story” chronicles T.A.’s humble beginnings on the streets of Santa Monica to his rise to superstardom as part of the legendary Z-Boys, his inevitable drug-induced implosion and his ultimate rise from the ashes to accept his rightful place as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations of skateboarders the world over. Watch the full documentary below.

Laemmle Theaters To Add Virtual Theatrical Screenings Of “Last Call” Starting Friday, September 25

Laemmle theaters will add virtual theatrical screenings of the critically acclaimed LAST CALL from Friday September 25.

LAST CALL stars Daved Wilkins (The Mindy Project) and Sarah Booth (The Moodys) in a film that follows a suicidal alcoholic on the anniversary of his son’s death. When he attempts to call a crisis hotline, a misdial connects him with a single mother working as the night janitor at a local community college. The split screen feature showcases both characters in real-time as they navigate a life-changing conversation.

The film,the latest for award-winning filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth, is presented in a split-screen format over real time across two long takes shot simultaneously.

Featuring A Cast Of Over Fifty Eccentric Characters Comes “I’ll Be Around” This September

Featuring a cast of over fifty eccentric characters with special appearances by J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Jonah Ray, (“Mystery Science Theater 3000”), Frank Agnew (The Adolescents), Casey Royer (D.I.), and punk icon Pleasant Gehman, plus featuring music from the likes of Echolust, Band Aparte and The Electric West, I’ll Be Around turns it up to 11 this September.

Against the backdrop of a post-punk music festival, dozens of struggling thirty-somethings deal with a wide variety of social and philosophical issues in their respective lives, from generational angst to premature ejaculation.

Like classic generational films such as Easy Rider, American Graffiti, or Dazed and Confused, I’ll Be Around captures: how society’s rules, expectations, and stereotypical goals in this day and age don’t really apply. The film conveys a certain dialogue-driven level of angst, confusion, and comedy when dealing with the topic of finding purpose and footing in one’s life. The story features a huge cast of characters of various races, sexual orientation, and beliefs; grappling with nostalgia for their adolescence while waxing intellectually social issues & the difficulty of making a living as an artist.

From award-winning filmmaker Michael Cuenca, and starring Brendan Takash, Drew Clapp, E.D. Augustine, Frank Agnew, Joey Halter, Kat Yeary, Sarah Lawrence, Shane Brock, Sofia Grace, and Zachary Ryan Block, Short Cuts meets Slackers in I’ll be Around available On Demand September 23 from Indie Rights.

A Dying Father Fights For His Family’s Future in Sci-Fi Drama “LX 2048,” Premiering 9/25

Quiver Distribution, in a partnership with Chimera Pictures and Outta the Bloc, has announced the virtual theatrical and North American digital debut of writer/director Guy Moshe’s “LX 2048,” a near-future dystopian drama about one father’s search for a way forward for his family before his time runs out and a clone takes his place. LX 2048 will be available to rent or own September 25th on Amazon, iTunes, Comcast, Spectrum, Dish, DirecTV, Vudu and more in the US and Canada.

James D’Arcy (Dunkirk, “Broadchurch”, Marvel’s “Agent Carter”) headlines the cast as a man who has resisted humanity’s exodus to virtual reality. With his death fast approaching and a clone ready to step in as husband and father, Adam struggles to find a way out of his situation, to protect his wife (Anna Brewster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “Versailles”) and children. The cast is rounded out by frequent Spike Lee collaborator and Tony Award nominee Delroy Lindo (Malcolm X, Da 5 Bloods, “The Good Fight”) and BAFTA winner Gina McKee (“Our Friends in the North”, “The Borgias”, Phantom Thread).

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