Family And Love Prepare Healthy Servings Of Comedy In “The Trap”

Rating: 3.5/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Nothing says love like a trip home to visit your family. A good time can either be had or ruined by the experience of the moments. How hard is one willing to work to help their family survive? Are you willing to stay and deal with the conditions of the environment to better your family? “The Trap” is a film that tethers with that very question.

Sonny is a talented culinary artist. He left his Georgia surroundings to pursue his career. After receiving an offer to head a new restaurant, Sonny returns home to visit his family. Various comical instances occur while he’s home connecting with his roots. This sets the tone for the many adventures to come in the film.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. Not only was it funny, but also meaningful. The film has purpose and finds its feet after a slow start. Loretta Devine, Queen Latifah, Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Mike Epps all star in this film. “The Trap” is definitely a film worth watching. It’s currently available for streaming online via Netflix.


Uncompromising, Award-Winning, True LGBTQ Tale “Marilyn” Arrives This April

Based on a shocking real case, Marilyn brings to the screen a powerful breakthrough lead performance by Walter Rodríguez as a boy confronted with the impossibility of being who he wants to be.

Marcos and his family work as caretakers on a ranch. While his father and brother handle the heavier tasks, Marcos stays home close to his mother. Each one has their future laid out before them, but Marcos is just waiting for the arrival of Carnival, the one moment when he can let his true self out to shine and show everyone just the way he feels inside. The sudden death of his father leaves the family in a very vulnerable situation. The ranch owner hounds them to go away, while Marcos’s mother pressures him to take over the work in the fields. Nicknamed Marilyn by the other teenagers in town, Marcos is a target for desire and discrimination. And then one Carnival night he is raped….

DJ Rico Banks Interviews @vincelozano For Today’s UGR Podcast Episode


Vince Lozano is an actor and film producer. “Acts of Desperation” is the name of his latest fim.

He’s starred in films such as “Encino Man” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” “Acts of Desperation” is currently available on all VOD platforms.

Today IMN spoke with Vince about his latest fil, and much more. Listen now below via our podcast:

A Horror Legend Returns This April In Dan Allen’s “The Mummy Reborn”

A horror legend returns this April when writer/director Dan Allen awakens the dead in The Mummy Reborn.

Written by Dan Allen and Scott Jeffrey, The Mummy Reborn tells of a group of teens in financial ruin that decide to rob the local antique store of an ancient amulet. But what they don’t realise is that this tomb is cursed, and when the amulet is separated from it’s master he will do anything to get it back. Our burglars must save the day and return the Mummy to it’s tomb before it is too late to save the world.

Becca Hirani (The House on Elm Lake), Tara MacGowran (Mandy the Doll), and Rita Siddiqui (Pet Graveyard) star in a Proportion Productions release.

Packed with adventure and coffined with scares, The Mummy Reborn will be available on VOD and DVD April 4 from High Octane Pictures.

Highly-Anticipated Suspense Thriller “Room For Rent,” Starring Lin Shaye Set For Release This May

Highly-anticipated suspense thriller Room for Rent, starring veteran actress Lin Shaye (the Insidious franchise, Ouija), will be released in theaters and on digital this May.

Room for Rent, stars Shaye as a lonely widow who rents out a room in her house and becomes dangerously obsessed with one of her guests.

The Uncork’d Entertainment release, also starring Oliver Rayon, Valeska Miller, and Ryan Ochoa, opens May 3 in select theaters and releases May 7 on digital.

There’s A Creature In The Pool! In “Drowning Echo”

Don’t go into the deep end!

A creature lurks within a swimming pool in Georges Padey’s chlorine-infused frightfest Drowning Echo, premiering this April on Demand.

During a visit to friends, Sara (Itziar Martinez) begins having visions and is attacked by an unearthly creature in her friend’s swimming pool. She soon discovers that anyone who comes into contact with the water is in danger and she is driven to confront the mystical and malevolent creature lurking in the depths.

Also starring Jane the Virgin’s Dennis Mencia, Drowning Echo will be available on VOD and DVD April 4 from High Octane Pictures.

Written Letters Lead To Mysterious Locations In “Long Lost”

Rating: 3/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

The relationship between freedom and family is a shrewd one to say the least. Many people have unexplainable experiences. Especially when those experiences involve family members one has yet to meet. What if you could create your own out of body experience? Would you? “Long Lost” is a film that dives directly into that experience.

Seth is a young who has yet to meet his brother. After attending college at NYU, Seth has a chance to meet the brother he once thought was lost. His brother is wealthy and lives the life of the extraordinary rich. His brother Richard lives with his girlfriend Abby and Seth meets them both after receiving a mysterious letter. This is where the film begins the thrills.

Overall I thought this film was good. Personally the suspense was a lot for me at times. However, the plot twist towards the end of the film made it all worth wild. Suspense audiences will find this film enjoyable. It definitely deserves a place in today’s current film landscape.