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Americans have been quitting at a record breaking pace. The Global Pandemic has played a role in this new career realignment. However, one can not look over the role of staffing in this change. The Bureau of Labor reports 4.5 Million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021. Hospitality workers led the pack in quitting […]

A new Covid-19 is rearing it’s ugly head. The new B.1.640.2 variant has been growing in strength in 2022. It has been titled the “IHU” variant. As many as 46 mutations have been confirmed to accompany this new variant. 12 people in southeastern France have already contracted the new variant. Individuals confirmed in those cases […]

Texarkana, Texas recently expierenced the strangest phenomenon. It rained fish! Yes! You read that right. It was raining fish in Texas! According to meteorologists, A water sprout could be responsible for the act. Fish and frogs are said to get sucked up into these sprouts as they travel on water and fall after they slow […]

Iconic Actress and Comedian, Betty White has passed. Law Enforcement has confirmed her death at her home. TMZ was one of the first to report of the passing. White is known for her iconic role on the series, “Golden Girls”. White was recently featured on the cover of People Magazine. This as she prepared for […]

At least eight people were killed and dozens injured. This when a crowd “began to compress toward the front of the stage” at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas. There were an estimated 50,000 people in the crowd to see headliner Travis Scott. Scott also organized the festival to raise funds for his youth charity. […]

Mike Florio and Chris Simms run through everything we know about Aaron Rodgers’ vaccine drama. They discuss him saying he’s “immunized.” Another topic is him not wearing a mask during the preseason. Rodgers would go on to test positive for COVID-19 ahead of Week 9. Listen as the pair discuss. Watch the full video below.

Shares of Novavax are down sharply. This after Politico reported that the company is having problems. They’ve been having issues manufacturing its highly anticipated Covid-19 vaccine. CNBC reported on the issue. Find out more below.

The FDA nears a decision on authorizing Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for children. It will be for those 5-11 years old. Public-health officials and pediatricians are now sharing research with families. This to assure hesitant parents of the shot’s safety. How will parents respond? Find out more below.

CBS News polling reveals many parents of young children aren’t sure whether they’ll get their kids vaccinated against COVID-19. Meanwhile, Merck has applied for FDA authorization. This, for a pill that could help treat infected adults. Dr. Thomas Talbot, chief hospital epidemiologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, joined CBSN to discuss. They spoke about the […]

Today Architectural Digest brings you to Lagos, Nigeria. There, they tour the home of international recording superstar Burna Boy. The “African Giant” has created a stunning oasis for himself. One where his creative process can unfold against a backdrop of luxury. The musician has an eclectic personal flair. Find out more below.

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