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#IMN Spotlight: Dance Baby Dance With @StephenKogon @DBDTheMovie


IMN: What got you into tap dancing?

Stephen: I came at it from kind of a weird angle. I’m not originally a tap dancer. I’ve never tap danced in my life before doing this film. I would take walks on the beach. I live out in Los Angeles so I do that to clear my head and come up with story ideas. At the time I was listening to a lot of old school soul like Stevie Wonder, Sam & Dave, Gladys Knight and the Pips. For whatever reason I just saw myself tap dancing to these songs. I’ve always been a fan of underdog films so I kind of put the two together and came up with the story idea.

IMN: What sparked the name “Dance Baby Dance?”

Stephen: Titles kind of just pop into my head and then once they stick I can’t get them out. Unless something else comes up and replaces it. I wanted it to be a line of dialogue in the film.


IMN: What are some of your favorite music genres?

Stephen: I like every genre if it’s a well done film. I mostly write comedic stuff. I like thrillers. I like dramas. It’s hard to say for sure, but going back to the underdog kind of theme. I’ve always been a fan of those kind of films. Rocky, Rudy, 8 Mile, Flashdance.

IMN: How did you get started in the film industry?

Stephen: I moved out here from college from Maryland. I gravitated more to writing first. I didn’t really like auditioning. I always knew I wanted to act. I knew I probably would do it in things I would write and probably direct. Because then I would know exactly what I would want the character to do and say and how to perform.

Scene 21 Meeting Grandma

IMN: How familiar and comfortable are you with the world of dance?

Stephen: I’m comfortable from a fan perspective. I didn’t grow up as a dancer. Most of the people in the film have been dancing since they were 6 or 7 years old. These were world class dancers. Jim, the ballet dancer, was a Top 6 finalist on “So You Think You Can Dance?”. Isaiah Lucas, who plays Ravon, he’s a Debbie Allen protege. He’s our Hip-Hop dancer.

Scene 13 telling bedtime jokes

IMN: How was it working with Beverley on the film?

Stephen: Beverley’s great. She’s been on sets since she was 4 years old. Acting across from her helped me get into character that much easier. If she didn’t have that experience it would’ve been a little tougher for me. It was great working with her.

IMN: Any new films you’re working on?

Stephen: I’m going to be promoting this film for a little while. I wrote a book about the making of it. I’m probably going to be doing a lot of promotion about that and the film.


IMN: Anything else you would like to tell the audience?

Stephen: There’s a line in the film that I’ve talked to some tap dancers about since where my boss tells me if I don’t make this showcase which is my one last shot are there other tap dance opportunities and my character says no especially not around here. What I’ve learned since is while that was accurate for my character because he wanted to leave his job and work professionally as a tap dancer. I didn’t want to give the impression that there aren’t of tap dance opportunities. There actually are a lot in every city you go in. There’s classes you can take, there’s companies you can join. If you want to be a professional there’s touring situations. I didn’t want to perpetuate any kind of myth that tap dancing is kind of dying and non existent. It’s the exact opposite. It’s really thriving and doing more and more so. If people follow the really big stars online they’ll see how huge a following they have and how excited people are about it. So I wanted to get that out and I appreciate you letting me get that out.

Follow Stephen Kogon and Dance Baby Dance on Twitter: @StephenKogon @DBDTheMovie

#IMN Spotlight: On Tha Daily with @L3THVL

IMN: Tell us about a little about yourself?
L3THVL: I go by the name of L3THVL. I’n an artist from the birth place of Hip-hop, The Bronx, New York. I love music & have a great passion for it. I represent a whole lot of positive energy.
IMN: Being a musician, where do you see yourself fitting into the current music scene?
L3THVL: I see myself fitting in with any genre of music, but at the same time standing out because I like to show my versatility. I’m not just a one-lane artist
IMN: What new artists have you been listening to lately?
L3THVL: The new artists I have been listening to is My3 Troy Lanez & Lil Uzi.
IMN: What made you want to pursue a career in entertainment?
L3THVL: Music is in my blood. My mom was a singer & my pops use to rab back in the day. My uncle June, he use to rab and DJ. My brother Rob-Low is a DJ so I feel like it was just meant for me to do this.

IMN: Who are some of your favorite musicians?
L3THVL: My favorite musicians will have to be Jay-Z, Ma$e, and Fabolous
IMN: What are 3 of your favorite albums?
L3THVL: Jay-Z’s Blue Print album, Ma$e’s Double Up album, & Fab’s Real Talk album.

IMN: What should we be looking for in the future from L3THVL?
L3THVL: I have a whole lot of great things in store for you guys I promise you that. March 3rd, my new tape titled “Premonition” will be a classic! It will have music everyone can enjoy. Plug Nation Music, we going to take the game by storm.
IMN: Do you have any last words?



#IMN Spotlight: Rollin’ with @ROLLYDABIGLOCO


IMN: Tell us about a little about yourself?

Rolly Da Big Loco: What’s up world. My name is Rolly Da Big Loco. I’m an indie artist out of Red Hook Brooklyn. I love music, love making music and love touching people with my music.

IMN: Being a musician, where do you see yourself fitting into the current music scene?

Rolly Da Big Loco: I think I would be in my own lane. I consider myself to be a lyricist and an all around rapper/artist. I do the conscious music, street, party, female type songs and in between. So I feel like I do it all and I do it well. There isn’t too many artist that can do that. The mumble music is the wave right now, I can’t do that so I guess I can’t do everything lol. I’m not knocking it and those who do it, it’s just not my thing.

IMN: What new artists have you been listening to lately?

Rolly Da Big Loco: My homie Shanx, my homie Sha 6 1/2, and me lol. I don’t really listen to too many artist like that. I try to listen to all the artist from my hood in Red Hook. It’s a lot of talent out there. Of course the greats like Biggie, Pac, Jay, and Nas. I fucks with the cuzz Dave East. What’s up loc?


IMN: What made you want to pursue a career in entertainment?

Rolly Da Big Loco: I mean at first it just was a hobby, something kids did, rap in the hallways, at school, such and such. Then it was like, you’re nice and and really talented, why not shoot for the stars. You know what they say, if you miss you’re still among them clouds. So with that being said, from that hobby developed a passion. Now all I think about is music and how I can reach the hearts, minds, and ears of my listeners. I love performing too, I feel like I am giving people who don’t know me a chance to feel like they do.

IMN: Who are some of your favorite musicians?

Rolly Da Big Loco: In the game, Jay, and Nas. I actually listen to more R&B then anything, old school to now. We’re talking Teddy Pendergrass, Isley Brothers, Barry White, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Jodeci, Jagged Edge, Trey Songz. I actually listen to almost all of it especially from the 80’s and 90’s. Music was so much more authentic to me then and they were actually saying something, not just stringing words together. It was heartfelt. Now it’s really just entertainment. It ain’t about inspiring and touching the soul. It’s about who does the most drugs and then can stand and talk about it lol.

IMN: What are 3 of your favorite albums?

Rolly Da Big Loco: Let me clarify, this isn’t my top three. Just three of my favorites, and in no particular order. Lupe Fiasco Food and Liquor, T.I Urban Legend, Jeezy Recession, Nas Nigger album, and Jay Z Blueprint 2. I put 5 in there lol, couldn’t help it.


IMN: What should we be looking for in the future from Rolly?

Rolly Da Big Loco: A whole lot. Right now I’m working on an EP called The Last King. I connected with one of my homies from my hood IdubzNY on this one. He produced the whole thing. Um I’m dropping a song called Pray 4 Me this month featuring Chris Fox. The song is definitely a real one. It was produced by another good friend of mine Jay Hu. I dropping about 2 freestyles a month just to keep those who love bar work happy. Of course, Imma connect with the homies Shanx and Sha 6 1/2 again, probably on another project. Yeah, we’re working bro.

IMN: Do you have any last words?

Rolly Da Big Loco: Yeah bro. Support cost you nothing. My music speaks for itself. Rock out with a real one, who is living his music and not acting like he lives his music. It’s Team Whole Thang Alpha Male Music cuhh. Moving, all gas no brakes.

#IMN Spotlight: The Definition with @AStyylz

IMN: Tell us about a little about yourself?

A-Styylz: Well I been Recording for a while now, got 2 Mixtapes that came out in 2011 (Definition of A Prince) on DatPiff and 2013 (Definition of A Prince Volume 2) on LiveMixtapes. My pops was a musician in the Latin/salsa scene so music is in my blood naturally. Hip hop has always been a big influence on me so I decided to run with it and aim for a career out of it. In my spare time I enjoy going to basketball games and sporting events which I’m very big on.

IMN: Being a musician, where do you see yourself fitting into the current music scene?

A-Styylz: I see myself fitting in to the current music scene because I have originality, my music is unique in its own way and a lot of industry people look for that. So I think it would stand out along with all the other good music that’s out now.

IMN: What new artists have you been listening to lately?

A-Styylz: New artists that’s currently in my playlist I would have to say Chance the Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, and Post Malone.

IMN: What made you want to pursue a career in entertainment?
A-Styylz: A close homie of mine would always be free styling back in the day and I thought that was dope, so I started writing and eventually recording and that’s how I was influenced to pursue a career in the industry. Shoutout Jag-J!
IMN: Who are some of your favorite musicians?
A-Styylz: I’d have to say Drake, Jay-Z , Chris Brown, Eminem, Pharrell Williams, Wale, J Cole and Eric Bellinger.
IMN: What are 3 of your favorite albums?
A-Styylz: My fav 3 albums would have to be The Black Album, Nothing was the Same , and a throwback, “In My Mind” by Pharrell was a Classic.

IMN: What should we be looking for in the future from A-Styylz?
A-Styylz: Y’all can lookout for the “Take Flight” EP set to Release Spring of this year, and some more hot music on the way.
IMN: Do you have any last words?
A-Styylz: I wanna thank y’all for interviewing me and for your time. It’s highly appreciated. 1 Love



#IMN Spotlight: Soul Food with @TENIJAMOTON

IMN: Tell us about a little about yourself?

Tenija: I sing in a amazing girl group with my sisters. I’m the eldest of my sisters. I’m actually the shy one lol. Besides singing I love fashion, writing and cooking.

IMN: Being a female musical group, Where do you see you and your sisters fitting into the current music scene?

Tenija: Considering the many genres and artists we take inspiration from its really hard to say exactly where we would fit in. We just wanna make great music honestly, so wherever our fans (friends) place us is where we’d be happy. We just don’t wanna put ourselves in a box.

IMN: What new artists have you been listening to lately? Who are some of your favorite musicians?

Tenija: As of late I’ve really been listening to Ro James and Bruno Mars…Bruno Mars wouldn’t be considered a “New Artist,” but I love his new music.
IMN: What are 3 of your favorite albums?

Tenija: Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life
Common – Resurrection
A Tribe Called Quest – The Anthology

IMN: What should we be looking for in the future from Tenija? Do you have any last words?

Tenija: The future will be all about RoXxy Montana…we will be putting out new music and performances ooh and you will be seeing us on TV again in 2017.

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