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#UGR Spotlight: IV with @YoungBMr901


UGR: Tell us about what’s been going on with Young B.

Man I been working… like for real, on so many different levels. I been growing alot as a man & alot as an artist. I really like how things are starting to unfold. Like right now I got my single out “Today” on iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL, Google Play, & Spotify, produced by my producer Robert G Beats. I was just featured on the front cover of “The Underground Fix”, they did like a 4 page write up on me. I just launched my official radio station on Pandora, we adding more original work to the station soon. I’ve been blessed to put out my 16th project as an independent artist, 2 weeks ago. Just to know where I was last year, I wouldn’t even think I could say I encountered those things this year. I’m just humble & appreciative that I’m still going…

UGR: Where do you see yourself fitting into the current music scene?
As far as a genre, I can’t really say.  I feel like I just make music & I’m open to diversity as an artist, I don’t really limit my self to a certain sound. I really don’t listen to alot of music on a daily basis either. For the most part I’m constantly creating day in & day out, whether I’m coming up with a hook or chorus in my head or whether I’m thinking of a business idea or a market idea. Anything to further push my product within itself, that’s what I try to focus on.
UGR: What new artists have you been listening to lately?
I really haven’t checked out too many new artists. I like that “You Was Right” by Lil Uzi Vert, I think it has a nice sound to it, but other than that I haven’t really checked out anyone new.
UGR: Where do you see the sound of Tennessee being 5 years from now?
I see the sound of Tennessee being one of the most influential sounds in the game in the next 5 years. I think it’s a great amount of talent that comes out of Tennessee. I don’t think it’s even emerged to reach its full potential of the impact it can have on the game yet…
UGR: What are 3 of your favorite albums?
I would have to say, “I AM” from Yo Gotti,
“IF You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” from Drake,
 & if I had to pick a 3rd one I’ll say “Dark
Sky Paradise” from Big Sean.
UGR: What should we be looking for in the future from Young B?
My official website will be launching soon. I’ve been thinking about investing in different merchandise for my brand. For my fans, just know I have more music, more visuals, more stories & more truth to tell.
UGR: Do you have any last words?
I just want to say, to any and everyone who may be reading this interview, I’m greatly appreciative of all your support, I can’t stress that enough. Thanks for taking time out to check out this interview.
Go get my latest project “IV” available now on Livemixtapes, it’s free. Support my single “Today” via Apple Music & Google Play. Check out my feature in “The Underground Fix” Magazine, Southern Stars Edition.   Follow me everywhere  @YoungBMr901 & stay tuned.
& last but not least, salute Dj Rico Banks for having me & always showing… salute.

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