Our Top 5 Favorite Women For February 18, 2020! #KemptTuesdays 😋🍒

This week we have compiled our list of favorite women on Instagram. Enjoy!

1. @cynsantana

2. @natalieevamarie

3. @ambrabgutierrez

4. @theyasminelopez

5. @ritaora

Disturbing And Chilling Documentary, “Facing East,” Gets North American Release

Tommy Baker’s chilling and captivating Facing East, an expose on a graveyard that would re-use graves over and over, premieres On Demand this March from Uncork’d Entertainment.

With over 100,000 documented disturbed burials the owners and operators of Eastern Cemetery systematically re-used graves over and over, taking advantage of low-income families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. 25 years after the cemetery was left abandoned, the Friends of Eastern Cemetery was formed to provide care and upkeep that the burial grounds so desperately needed.

Facing East out March 17 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Kevin Garnett Joins Matt Barnes And Stephen Jackson For Episode 15 Of “All The Smoke”

Kevin Garnett joins Matt and Stephen on a new episode of “All The Smoke.” The episode comes live from this years NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago.

The conversation was taped for Episode 15 of “All The Smoke.” During the episode, “The Big Ticket” talks about the Celtics-Lakers rivalry and being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He also shares some stories about playing against MJ and more. Watch the full episode below.

Own “Addicted To You” On Demand And DVD Today

Luke, a Buzzstory producer, is convinced at an early age to never fall in love. He takes this advice into adulthood, until he sleeps with his new co-worker, Aimee, who falls madly in love with him.

With his job at stake, Luke devises a master plan to pose as a recovering sex addict to ditch Aimee. Just as Luke thought he could get away with it, his boss reveals that he is also a sex addict.

Luke is quickly pressured into joining a real sex addiction group where he meets Kara, who could possibly become the love of his life. Own “Addicted to You” on DVD today!

Own The Award-Winning Drama “The Taste Of Betel Nut,” From Director Hu Jia, On DVD And Digital This Week

A polyamorous male couple test the limits of a restrictive society when they become romantically entangled with a beautiful young woman in an award-winning new film from director Hu Jia.

Winner of the SIFF 2018 China Stars Award for Best Film, “The Taste of Betel Nut” was released on DVD and Digital Feb 11 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

America Says Is Back Again! Casting For Season 4

The hit Game Show everyone is talking about is casting Season 4 now. Apply now and claim your chance at $15K!

Do you have what it takes?! Teams of 5, ages 18 – 99, with big, fun personalities welcomed.

America Says is a fast-paced studio game show where two teams of friends and family face off to guess America’s responses with fill in the blanks to survey questions covering every topic under the sun. Apply here.

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