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The Conflate Group

The Conflate Group offers music distribution, publishing & administrative services for musicians. Other services include touring & artist development. Detailed services are as followed…

Music Distribution

– Digital Streaming Platform Services

– Financial Accounting and Record Keeping

– Performance Rights Organization Assistance

– Copyright Assistance


– Venue and Equipment Rental Assistance

– Tour Management Services

– Travel Booking Assistance

– Tour Planning and Development

– Performance Set Stage Design

– Performance Set Music Setup

Artist Development

– Songwriting Assistance

– Vocal Tuning

– Artist Persona Devolpment

– Social Media Strategies

– Music Production Assistance

– Graphic Design Services Tailored For Artist Needs

– Professional Music Management

Listed above is a short list of services offered from our company. The full experience is personally designed to help each client with their needs. Contact us below for more information about working with us.

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