Mikael Kreuzriegler’s Black Comedy “DEANY BEAN IS DEAD” Premieres On Digital July 10, 2020

Mikael Kreuzriegler’s black comedy “DEANY BEAN IS DEAD” premieres on digital July 10, 2020 from Global Digital Releasing.

A down-on-her-luck woman (Allison Marie Volk, “The Lone Ranger”, “Anya”) tries to win back her ex-boyfriend at his engagement party without revealing that her recently strangled boss is in the trunk of her car.

Christopher Glenn Cannon, Sarah Sidak, Wendy Wilkins and Paulina Bugembe star in a “charmingly kooky” (ThatMomentIn.Com) film, coming this summer.

Available On Demand July 10.

Gee Wunder Returns To Release 2nd Album Of 2020 “Impact”

Gee Wunder and Motive Music Canada proudly present Gee’s landmark 30th album, “Impact” LP. Gee’s second album release of 2020 features 12 bangers made to have a lasting effect on Canadian hip-hop.

Features label artist Set2 and beats by a team of talented producers including; CY On The Beat, Beatz By Hamid, Gee Wunder (Future Beats) & KIRWVN. “Impact” LP is NOW available at Major Digital Retailers globally.

“Impact” ALBUM is available for sale:

On I-Tunes: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/impact/1517307130

On Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/579q3Xnr3a5yPVhgi5k8hk?si=1DhFKy7xRQq-0JP30MGUkA

On Tidal: https://tidal.com/browse/album/144263241?play=true&fbclid=IwAR2epB_Q04oSB5Ojs_YL8GWpsoiVVHiQGcBJN9RwCxeQBTCdiv7Bf11H-iM GY

2 Chainz And GQ Are Back With A New Episode Of “Most Expensivest”

Time is one of the world’s most valuable luxuries. However, sleep isn’t that far behind.

Join insomniac 2 Chainz as he tries out the $299 Dreamlight Pro Sleep Mask on a new episode of “Most Expensivest.” It’s a mask that uses your DNA to create custom sleep recommendations.

Is the mask powerful enough to put Chainz to sleep? Watch the full episode below.

YouTube Offers More Free Movies With New Additions Such As “Traitor,” Starring Don Cheadle

YouTube is one of the world’s leaders in video content. The company provides digital content of all forms to users.

This includes original content and some fan favorites. Recently, the company added some new film’s to their platform.

This includes Lionsgate favorite “Traitor” starring Don Cheadle. Watch the full film and more below.

CNBC’s “Make It” Talks How Kanye Built Yeezy

Kanye West grabbed the fashion world’s attention when he debuted sneakers designed in collaboration with Nike in 2009. Retailing at over $200, the shoes were released in extremely limited quantities and sold out instantaneously.

They now resell in the thousands of dollars. The success of the shoes finally put West on the map in the fashion industry.

For years his designs were met with ridicule. But recently, some of that excitement has turned to skepticism. Watch this full episode of CNBC’s “Make It” and find out how Kanye built “Yeezy” below.

Clark Kent Returns To Action In “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow”

Superman is here to save the day again! This time in “Superman: Man of Tomorrow”.

In the film, Daily Planet intern Clark Kent takes learning-on-the-job to new extremes. This after Lobo and Parasite set their sights on Metropolis.

It’s full of hard-hitting action and surprises! Watch the full trailer below:

Catch Today’s Fourth Of July Episode Of The “Fire Pro Mixshow” With DJ Rico Banks In Full Early Exclusively Via The IMN

Copy of Z101.6

This Fourth of July, DJ Rico Banks returns to The IMN. As the resident DJ on Z-101.6, Rico has held it down with the “Fire Pro Mixshow” since 2018.

New episodes began being produced recently. All of which has been well received!

Today’s episode of the “Fire Pro Mixshow” is now available to stream in full exclusively on The IMN before it’s release later. Listen to the full episode below.

Train To Busan, The Quiet Family And Warm Bodies Collide To Create The Arrow Channel’s Newest Series “Zombie For Sale”


When the illegal human experiments of Korea’s biggest pharmaceutical company go wrong, one of their “undead” test subjects escapes and ends up in a shabby gas station owned by the Park family. The Park are a band of misfits spanning three generations who hustle passersby to make ends meet.

When the Park family uncover their undead visitor, he bites the head of their household. However, instead of transforming into an undead ghoul, he becomes revitalised and full of life!

The family then hatch a plan to exploit this unexpected fountain of youth, allowing locals to pay to be bitten too, until things go wrong. Watch the full trailer for “Zombie for Sale” below.

Queer “Body Swap” Comedy Series World Premieres July 19th on Global LGBTQ+ Network


Queer virtual cable TV network, Revry, pays homage to the cult classic FREAKY FRIDAY with LIFE IS EASY–a comedy series that uses the body swap trope to highlight race, gender, sex, and the true meaning of being “woke” in 2020. Created in New Zealand and featuring a multi-cultural cast, the series will have its live world premieres on Revry’s live TV channels on July 19th at 5pm & 8pm (PST). Viewers can also binge watch the entire season on July 19th by upgrading to Revry Premium.

Welcome to the world of Jamie-Li and Curtis: Yin and Yang; Potato and gravy; BFF’s since childhood. Jamie-Li, a straight Chinese-Kiwi woman, and Curtis, a gay white man, have a friendship that defies race, gender and sex…or so they think. After a night of wet and wild partying on their joint 25th birthdays, the two Gemini’s wake up to find themselves in each other’s bodies–revealing a hot mess of unexplored issues that unravels the way they see others, one another, and themselves. They thought they were “woke”–until they woke up in each other’s bodies! LIFE IS EASY (LIE) is a smart, funny, sexy, wholesome, and thought-provoking 8-episode satire series exploring the complexities of race, gender and sexuality in today’s seemingly “woke” society.

“Being able to distribute globally on Revry is incredibly exciting for us. Sometimes it’s hard for us #millennials to envision greatness for ourselves outside of New Zealand, because we’re literally so far away from everything that is making waves,” says Producer, Ruby Reihana-Wilson. “It’s amazing to have our work debut on a platform that is specifically there to showcase and support queer and indigenous filmmakers.”

“In a time of BLM, LIE poignantly explores what it means to literally live in someone’s else’s shoes,” said Revry COO and Co-Founder, Alia J. Daniels. “It not only makes us laugh, but makes us think–a potent combination in entertainment.”

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